How to keep your pet's teeth clean with toys

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Hey everyone! My name is Laura V, and I brought my two best buddies here, Cashew and Chester. And today we are talking about toys, and in particular how toys can help with your pet's oral health. Now I love toys as an animal behaviourist because they're great for puppies to learn how to chew, especially, oh thank you very much, especially when they're teething. But also they're great for avoiding things like boredom. 

They're great to reward positive behaviours, great for play. But guess what? They're also great for your pet's dental health. Another thing that's great about choosing the right toy, and there's lots and lots of different toys that you can choose. There's an amazing range at Best Friends Pet Stores is they do something a little bit gross.

They promote the development and the release of saliva. Now it might sound a little bit awful, but saliva is really, really important for good oral health. And that is because it helps to get rid of bacteria and prevent the buildup of things like tartar and plaque and stuff like that. The other thing about pet toys is that there's so many different things. You can look at the different sizes, different shapes and even different flavours. 

So there's absolutely no reason why you wouldn't want to get a great range of pet toys to make sure that your pet is getting the best care possible, especially when it comes to their dental hygiene. KONG have got a great range of pet toys, particularly when it comes to maintaining really good dental health. This is Chester's favourite. And for many reasons.

You love this one, don't you buddy? Yes, you do. One of the reasons is because it's got an amazing dental rubber that allows your pet to really get that instinct out of them, to chew and chew and to learn as much as they possibly can. Particularly with puppies. It's also got unique ridges inside here. So as they chew, it really can grind down that plaque and that tartar, which can cause gum disease, but also can give your pup really bad doggy breath. Now, if you find that the toy within itself is not awesome enough, you can actually put stuff in this toy like peanut butter. 

Or if you're a little bit lazy like me, KONG have got some great liver treat squishy stuff that you can actually put in here. And this will keep your pet arguably busy for hours, having fun, preventing boredom, and promoting excellent dental health. Now the fun can't just be all about our puppies. Cats want to have some fun too! So KONG have designed a great range of cat toys that help to promote dental health as well. Now one of them is this KONG carrot nibble, excuse you, Chester. And these are great because they're covered in mesh.

So when your cat actually bites and claws down onto these, it helps them to not only clean their teeth, but it promotes gum health as well. The other great thing about these gorgeous little cat toys is that they're super crunchy. So when your cat is biting on them, they can actually get those cute noises, which help them to release that inner prey drive, as well as having great dental health.

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