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Without health, your dog's life can be gloomy. Find a range of specialised dog health and wellness products to help treat particular needs, including the over-the-counter medications, supplements, vitamins and dietary solutions.

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  1. Adaptil Calm Collar Med/Large
    Regular Price $97.87
  2. Adaptil Calm Collar Small
    Regular Price $95.88
  3. Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser + Refill
    Regular Price $106.00
  4. Adaptil Calm Home Refill
    Regular Price $69.18
  5. Adaptil Transport Spray 60Ml
    Regular Price $83.98
  6. Capstar Flea Treatment 11-57Kg Dog 6 Pack
    Regular Price $46.98
  7. Capstar Flea Treatment <11Kg Dog 6 Pack
    Regular Price $39.98
  8. Di-Vetelact 375Gm
    Regular Price $33.40
  9. Di-Vetelact 900Gm
    Regular Price $68.46
  10. Drontal Chewable Intestinal Wormer 5 Pack
    Regular Price $63.98
  11. Greenies Blueberry Teenie Dental Chews Dog Treats 340G
    Regular Price $34.98 Special Price $28.00
  12. Greenies Extra Small Breed Dental Care Dog Treats Pack 340G
    Regular Price $34.98 Special Price $28.00