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Pet Food

Every pet owner will tell you that the way to their furry friend’s heart is through their stomach. Whether it’s a tuna loin or their favourite bone to gnaw on, mealtime is the perfect opportunity to keep your pet fit and healthy.

What does Fresh & Frozen mean?

We know you want the best for your bouncy buddy, balancing delicious treats with a nutritious diet plan - but time gets in the way. Frozen raw cat and dog food (or raw BARF) delivers the vitamins and minerals your pet needs to thrive with an added dash of convenience and science; foods are frozen and stored, ensuring no nasties can infect your pet's dinner, while still reaping the benefits of a farm to table diet.


Also known as chilled pet food, our fresh range focuses on delivering a preservative-free (or near preservative-free) dining experience for your cat or dog. Made up of all the essentials your pets need like meats and vegetables, fresh raw pet food belongs in your fridge to be served by a certain date - just like human food!

Some meals may require preparation, while varieties come ready-made like cooked rolls - perfect for easy serving! The majority of our range replaces grains with potatoes, sweet potatoes and peas which makes them perfect for allergy-prone pets.


Fresh & Frozen 101: Just the facts

When it comes to flavoursome fresh and frozen pet food, we’re experts. We’ve gathered all of the facts in one place so you can make an informed decision about what your favourite feline or playful pup devours day to day, keeping their wellbeing top of mind at all times. Go raw and fresh without losing time to prep!

Everything you need to know about:
Everything you need
to know about:
Fresh Pet Food

Including raw cat food and raw dog food

Raw pet food


What’s in it
What’s in it

Combination of meats like beef, chicken and lamb, grains, fruits and vegetables.

Organ meats, muscle meat, bones, eggs, yoghurt, fruit and vegetables.

How to store it
How to store it

Keep your pet’s fresh food in the fridge. Depending on the type of food, it can last up to 7 days. You can also freeze your fresh food for a longer shelf life

Store in the freezer in a secure package. Keeping the food frozen will prevent bacteria and ensure your pup’s meal is safe to thaw and serve.


Improves your pet’s general wellbeing - from increasing energy level, making coats shiny to improving their breath.

Raw food is a great option for weight and allergy control while also helping with dental health. Easy to store with longer shelf life.

Can I mix with other food types?
Can I mix with other food types?

Most pets won't have an issue mixing fresh food with raw or kibble. Make sure you consider the nutritional balance of the food, the amount of fresh food you're adding and any health concerns. As with any diet change, introduce foods to your pets in small amounts, while also monitoring the stools, skin and behaviour to ensure the new diet isn’t upsetting their stomachs.

You can safely mix your pet’s raw food with dry dog food, unless your pet has a delicate or sensitive stomach. Like any change to their diet, make sure you switch them slowly. Keep an eye on your pet for any changes in their behaviour, appetite or stools. See below for more information about how to transition your pet.

Is it good for allergies?
Is it good for allergies?

The answer to this will depend on your pet's individual needs. However, both fresh and raw diets are great for elimination diets, helping you get to the bottom of your furry friend’s allergies. With both diets, you can feed your paw pal minimal ingredients over 4 - 8 weeks to see if there is an improvement in their health. Then, as you slowly introduce back in certain proteins you can pinpoint which ingredients they’re allergic to.

What to try first
What to try first

Cooked meat rolls - try your pet with this meal time favourite or cut them up and use as a training treat!.

Ready to serve BARF patties. These are complete diets, they'll love every bite!


Find the right fit for your pet

Prime100 carefully selects functional ingredients which provide health promoting benefits. We choose ingredients based on health, nutrition and the benefit of treating certain indications to ensure pet parents are getting the nutritious food they are looking for.

Complete and Balanced Prime100 meets the standards set by the three nutrition governing bodies i.e. AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials), FEDIAF (Fédération Européenne De L’industrie Des Aliments Pour Animaux Familiers – The European standard) and NRC (National Research Council – Canada).


We only use human quality consumption ingredients. We only accept meat from human consumption facilities that are HACCP approved and auditable. We do not use any knackery meats in our diets. NATA tested NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) is the independent assurance of technical competence through a proven network of best practice industry experts.
Prime100 frequently test all rolls with NATA to ensure the strictest quality control measures are taken. This testing offers clients the peace of mind that they are getting all of the ingredients (protein DNA), macro and micro-nutrients as printed in the guaranteed analysis.

Our Story

It was 2017 when our founder, Dennis, an entrepreneur and animal-lover, was looking for a high-quality, natural dog food for his beloved French bulldog Fergus. However, he didn’t quite anticipate where his quest would lead.

Dennis searched high and low for the right food, visiting pet food factories, researching food science and meeting with animal nutrition experts. There was simply nothing on the market that could live up to his expectations. Instead of giving up, Dennis decided to create from scratch, the very product he was searching for. After all, there was nothing he wouldn’t do for Fergus. That’s when Raw Feeders’ Kitchen was born.

Our Mission

To break down pet food stereotypes and provide the best quality nutrition for dogs and cats. Dennis and his new team of food scientists and animal nutritionists worked tirelessly, putting heart and soul into developing a premium raw food he could trust. In the end, he was so Proud of the product they had created, he named it Proudi.


Formulated from a prey model raw ratio of at least 95% muscle meat, organs and finely ground bone powder, plus 5% vitamins and minerals.


All of the micro and macro nutrients your dog or cat needs to thrive, exceeding 3 international standards for pet food nutrition (AAFCO, FEDIAF & NRC).


Every ingredient and manufacturing process is guaranteed to adhere to the same quality and handling standards as food for human consumption.


We source 100% Australian ingredients from trusted local suppliers to produce Proudi in our own manufacturing facility on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Strong immune system = good health

The foundation of a good diet is designed to maintain a healthy immune system, which is part of what we do at NAS Fresh RAW. Fresh RAW is a naturopathic diet, using ingredients suitable for the canine or feline digestive system. We avoid ingredients that may cause inflammation and only include biologically appropriate (BARF), unrefined raw ingredients, ensuring your pet’s diet is complete and balanced.

  • Dog owners who support a raw diet claim that it promotes shinier coats and healthier skin, improved energy levels and fewer digestive problems.
  • The B.A.R.F diet stands for two common phrases: 'Biologically Appropriate Raw Food' and 'Bones and Raw Food'. Founded by veterinarian and nutritionist Dr. Ian Billinghurst, the principle is to feed dogs the diet they evolved to eat — a raw diet composed of meats and greens that are fresh, uncooked and wild.
  • The BARF diet allows animals to grow and develop their bodies to the peak of genetic perfection. As a general rule, any genetic fault your pet may have inherited will have minimum chance of expression when the BARF diet is fed.

Big Dog Pet Foods is proud to be Australia's leading healthy pet nutrition provider, trusted by pet parents for over 20 years. Pets love our food so we make recipes that love them back.

Big Dog thoughtfully selects a wide variety of fresh, raw Australian ingredients to provide a broad range of nutritious recipes for dogs and cats of Australia, that cater to all types of dietary and flavour requirements, giving pets all the goodness and energy they need.

These carefully developed recipes provide a complete diet that is 100% natural with a promise of no preservatives, fillers, artificial colours or flavours. Big Dog's complete and balanced raw food keeps pets happy and healthy, naturally.

Each recipe comes in frozen portions, making delicious, healthy pet food easy and convenient for you.


The benefits of mixed feeding
Is your pet losing interest in their old favourites? Maybe they’ve taken an interest in your dinner instead, excited by the textures and tastes promised by kitchen aromas… it’s time to mix things up. Create new combinations with fresh and frozen toppers, balancing their need for something new with your desire to get them fed - try animal parts, like duck necks, for a delicious and dental-friendly snack! 

Find out more about the benefits of mixed feeding below:

Mixed feeding for cats
Mixed feeding for dogs
  • • Capture a range of nutritional benefits from various foods. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that meats are a great source of the taurine they need.

  • • Offer additional nutrition.

  • • Improve precious water intake - which many cats lack.

  • • Increase protein and taurine intake.

  • • Ability to cater food to meet nutritional requirements.

  • • Add variety to their diet to keep mealtime fresh.

  • • Add a variety of flavours and textures to keep them interested.

  • • Get the benefits that come from various different foods.

  • • Add extra nutrition and benefits with dental chews or toppers.

  • • Cater for fussy eaters, sensitivities and allergies.

  • • Increase protein intake.

  • • Target deficiencies in their diet.

How to transition to raw dog food

  • DAYS 1-2
    25% Food


    Change 25% of their normal food with their new food.

  • DAYS 3-4
    50% Food


    of their meal should be their old food, tht other half new.

  • DAYS 5-6
    75% Food


    of their food should be the new diet.

  • DAY 7
    100% Food




As you begin to transition their food, make sure you monitor how your pet is reacting to the change. Always keep track of their weight and keep an eye out for symptoms like a loss of appetite or vomiting after eating, make sure to get in contact with your vet.


Fresh and Frozen FAQ

  • How do I feed my dog a mixed diet?

    Whether you are switching your cat or dog to a mixed diet, it can be very easy to overfeed your fur friend. Remember that you shouldn’t feed the full daily portion of raw food, while still feeding the full daily portion of their dry food. If you do this, they’re just getting a double meal! Remember it’s about substituting - not adding.

    For example, if you’re introducing a ‘topper’ then you should aim for a 90/10 split: 90% kibble and 10% raw topper like duck neck and so on. Always make sure to monitor your pet’s weight and adjust accordingly if you notice weight gain.

  • How much raw food to feed a dog?

    Your doggo’s energy level, size and lifestyle will influence the amount of raw food they can eat. As a general rule, a dog raw food diet should be made up of approximately 2-5% of their body weight. Always check the back of your food packet to find the right amount for your pup.

  • How to balance raw dog food?

    The staple of a raw diet is meat. Make sure you balance the fat and protein. Try and keep their meal to 10% to 20% of fat, with the rest being made up of protein. Pre-made meals are the perfect starting point for a fresh diet and can help you create a balanced diet.

    Shop a range of fresh and frozen options and options and enjoy the ease of click and collect with Best Friends Pets.

  • What do I do if my pet doesn't like the new food?

    Pet’s can be fussy creatures! Even if you’ve added a whole range of variety, or upped their food to the premium stuff - sometimes they might not like it. In that case, it’s best to go back to their old favourite food.

    There's nothing more annoying than spending money on food your pet simply doesn't love. Don't worry! Here at Best Friends Pets, we have you covered. Our Great Taste Guarantee means you can bring the remaining food back to one of our stores, where we'll find you a replacement that your pet will love.