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Have you recently welcomed a new best friend to your family?

Between puppy pads and sneaky snuggles, you think you’ve got this dog thing covered… but have you thought about puppy school? Our puppy school introduces young dogs to the basics of being a very good boy or girl. Our trained staff helps you and your puppy navigate positive socialisation, friendly dog-on-dog play, and basic training techniques. Your best friend will learn how to sit, stay, and come – with or without their lead attached. 

Note: Puppies must be within the age range of 8-15 weeks for their first class. 

What to expect:

Do I need to send my pup to puppy preschool?

Dogs go through a number of key developmental stages throughout their lives, including the imprinting phase from 0-4 months. It's at this stage in particular that puppies are incredibly impressionable, making it an ideal time to start your puppy obedience training and socialising them with other dogs so they can learn how to be a confident canine.

Puppy school provides a safe and structured environment for your little doggo, supporting their needs as they learn valuable life skills alongside other puppies. We help to nurture a harmonious relationship between owner and puppy, ensuring pet owners understand why behaviours occur and how to address troublesome habits before they become established.

What does puppy training look like?

Puppy school is the first step in your puppy training journey. Bring your favourite furbaby along and watch them develop key socialisation skills in a safe, supportive and controlled environment.

During your time at puppy school, you and your pooch will learn a range of basic commands including sit, stay, drop, recall, speak, quiet, listen, and leave it. In the final week prior to graduation, you’ll also learn two fun tricks - roll over and shake!

Our specially trained instructors are there to educate puppy parents and help build a harmonious relationship with their pooch. Set them up for success while preventing undesirable behaviours - nobody wants to replace chewed up rugs every two years!

What to bring to puppy school

Puppy school is the first step in your puppy training journey. Bring your favourite furbaby along and watch them develop key socialisation skills in a safe, supportive and controlled environment.

  • • Vaccination certificate

  • • Collar (please don’t bring correctional collars or harnesses)

  • • Lead

  • • Treats

Puppy Safe Hygiene

We implement vet standard hygiene practices and protocols, using veterinary standard disinfectant in between each puppy class so you can be assured that your pup is in a safe environment when they’re in our care.

Puppy school pricing guide:

Enrol in our in-store puppy school for just $159!

Our regular puppy school runs over the course of 5 weeks and includes:

  • • 5x in-store interactive puppy training sessions lead by an experienced trainer

  • • Learn a series of basic commands as well as two more advanced tricks - roll over and shake

  • • Graduation certificate

We require full payment in advance of your first class.

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Playdate Q&A Puppy School

Puppy play dates are the first step toward established puppy obedience training, ensuring your dog learns the basics before they enter a strict learning environment.

  • How many puppies attend each session?

    Your barky little buddy will meet 4-8 other puppies, learning how to interact confidently (and appropriately) in a relaxed and safe environment.

  • What about dog sizes? Are small dogs grouped together?

    While we understand some pet parents may be concerned about little dogs mixing with bigger breeds, we try include a mix of all shapes and sizes to reflect what your dog may see on walks, at the beach or during a play at the park.

  • Do we supply progress updates?

    At the end of each play date, your instructor will give you a quick debrief, covering how your puppy is progressing, things to work on at home, and the type of behaviours your puppy displays when you’re not around.

  • Are puppy play dates the same as obedience training?

    No! Think of puppy play dates as kindergarten and obedience training as formal schooling. Both are important and while the playdates lead into obedience training, an intensive 12-week program is not the same thing as teaching your pup to sit and play nice with other dogs. The bottom line? Obedience training builds on what your dog begins with Best Friends Pets.

    Help your dog conquer sit, stay and roll over today.