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Check out our extensive quantity of products to boost your cat's health and well-being. We've got everything you need to keep your cat stress-free and healthy.

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  1. VETALOGICA Feline Tranquil Formula 120pk
    Regular Price $30.76
  2. SNOOZA Cat Plant Based Stop Scratch Spray 250ml
    Regular Price $24.93
  3. EVOLUTION Inside Out Feline 125g
    Regular Price $54.97
  4. FELIWAY FRIENDS Refill 48ml
    Regular Price $77.99
  5. FELIWAY FRIENDS Diffuser & Refill 48ml
    Regular Price $125.00
  6. PAW Complete Calm Chews for Cats 75g
    Regular Price $22.83
  7. TROPICLEAN Enticers Cat Gel Honey Chicken 59ml
    Regular Price $26.90
  8. PETKIN Bamboo Eco Ear Wipes 80pk
    Regular Price $28.97
  9. TROPICLEAN Fresh Breath Drops Cats 59ml
    Regular Price $15.36
  10. Advocate Flea & Worm Treatment >4Kg Cat 6 Pack
    Regular Price $132.00 Special Price $105.60
  11. Advantage Flea Treatment >4Kg Cat 6 Pack
    Regular Price $107.00
  12. Advantage Flea Treatment >4Kg Cat 4 Pack
    Regular Price $79.16