Holiday grooming – your dog’s summer refresh

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Grooming for dogs isn't just about keeping them looking that little-bit extra cute and fancy – dog grooming can help keep your best friend comfortable and clean. As the weather heats up, your dog could benefit from a summer refresh, whether that means shaving, de-shedding, nail trimming or anything else that keeps them feeling happy and healthy. Plus, if you're a Christmas-card kind of family, you might want them looking their festive finest for the photo shoot!

How often should I groom my dog?

How often should you wash your dog? The answer varies from pet to pet, as it does for how to trim your dog's nails! A general answer is you should groom your dog on a needs basis – here are the basics:

●       You should only bathe your dog if they're dirty or smelly – over-washing can irritate their skin.

●       Dog's nails contain a vein, so you must take care to cut before the vein to avoid bleeding and pain. Dog's nails should be trimmed often enough, but not so often that you're trimming into the vein.

●       Dog's ears should be cleaned occasionally, but not so often that they dry out or become irritated.

Do I need to have my dog professionally groomed?

There's plenty of DIY grooming you can do from home! If you have the space, time and know-how to groom your dog yourself, you may not need to visit a salon as often. If you're bathing your puppy at home, a hypo-allergenic and non-irritating shampoo can help make sure their skin is looked after – like this Tearless Puppy Shampoo. For older dogs with a normal skin type, this natural-based Everyday Dog Shampoo can help keep their coat softer, smelling great and it even brings out highlights!

A few reasons we would suggest a professional grooming service would be:

●       If you have a small home and a dog bath is difficult to manage

●       If you don't have the time (our thorough salon grooms last between 2 to 4 hours!)

●       If your dog gets nervous around nail clippers (or if you get nervous around dog nail clippers!) and you want to make sure their nails are trimmed safely

●       If you want professional tips about how you can maintain grooming from home in between salon visits

●       If you want to avoid the mess and fuss of dog hair around the house

●       If your dog is old and getting in and out of the tub or shower is difficult for them

●       If you want to pamper your pooch with professional styling and blow-drying on top of the essentials (you could also argue styling is essential!)

What is involved in dog grooming?

Most salons offer packages for the different needs of each breed, coat type and lifestyle. Best Friends Pets grooming services offer a full groom, a breed style and clip, a tidy, and a service specifically for double-coated breeds – you can figure out which type of grooming is right for your four-legged family here. Leading into summer, a full groom can help prep your pooch for those hotter days – here's what's involved:

●       Clip all hygiene areas – helps keep them clean and tidy.

●       Paw pad trim – helps keep their paws clean and allows heat to escape through the paw pads, which is a big part of how dogs cool themselves down naturally.

●       Nail trim – unlike cat nails, dog nails are connected to a blood supply called 'the quick', so trimming them at the appropriate length is crucial to maintain a manageable nail length and prevent cuts that lead to bleeding.

●       A warm water bath and luxurious shampoo – helps them relax and get their coat clean and soft.

●       An ear clean – our groomers will inspect your dog's ears for any signs of redness or mites before conducting a gentle ear clean.

●       A blow dry and brush for a tidy coat

●       A full-body clip to your chosen length and style!

If you have a single-coated dog, you may choose to shave them for summer. If you have a double-coated dog, shaving can prevent their natural cooling mechanisms from working, and it's best to stick to clipping. Learn more about to shave or not to shave in this article about summer tips for dogs. The double coat combo package is a great way to refresh your dog's double coat before the hot months.

Why choose Best Friend Pets to groom your four-legged family?

The team at the Best Friends Pets salon are trained to deal with dogs with respect and care, from the most anxious pooch to the most energetic pup. Before you leave your dog at our salon, your groomer will sit with you and learn about your dog's needs, so you all feel comfortable going into the experience. The two to four-hour-long packages allow time to take it slow and keep your dog calm. We’re here to pamper your paw pal from the tip of their tail to the folds of their ears.

A visit to Best Friends Pets can offer so much more than grooming. We can also provide friendly advice about the right products and lifestyle tips for your dog's needs. Plus we have a puppy school and an on-site vet clinic!

Our vet clinic provides dental check-ups, which is more important than some dog owners may realise. You can take steps to improve your dog's oral health from home, like using a water additive, but a professional should check out your pooch's chompers a couple of times a year. You can learn more about the importance of dental check-ups here.

If you can get your dog into the salon a few times a year, we're sure they'll love the warm, luxurious baths and fresh styles. If you're not a regular salon-goer, try it out this summer to help keep your dog happy and healthy as they run, play and sleep under the sun. Book your dog grooming here! You can learn more about taking care of your dog in the Australian heat here.


Wishing you a happy, healthy summer with the whole family.