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Create More Purrs Sale

Thursday 16 - Sunday 19 May, 2019

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Big Sale for Little Best Friends 

Thursday 21st - Sunday 24th February 2019 

CAT 30% OFF:

  • Beds & litter trays
  • Scratchers & towers
  • Toys, bowls & collars
  • Trouble & Trix Litter
  • All other accessories

CAT 25% OFF:

Join us Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of February for our Festival of Taste. There is lots of tasty fun happening in store throughout the weekend including:

  • KONG Corner
  • Free treats and tastes
  • Selfie station with a chance to WIN a $200 foodie pack 
  • PLUS 20% OFF everything for dogs!

We can't wait to see you in store with your best friend for lots of foodie fun.

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and while we love spoiling our own pets however there are plenty of pets in shelters who are far less fortunate. 

Every year during the month of December, Best Friends aim to raise much needed funds for local shelters. We have a Christmas gift tree set up in every store with all donations going to their local nominated shelter.  

All shelters are so grateful for any type of donation including cash, food, product or Pet e-cash gift cards. Let’s dig deep and help a best friend in need this Christmas.

Fireworks and pets

Loud noises such as thunderstorms and fireworks can be traumatic for pets. While fireworks may seem far away from our own backyards, our pets, with their heigthened sense of hearing, may still be nervous about unexpected noise.  

Annually, fireworks being set off on New Year’s Eve have a devastating effects on the pets we love, with shelters like The Lost Dogs’ Home being left to pick up the pieces.  Some Top Tips from the home include:

Scratching posts and scratching furniture will keep to your feline friend healthy and strong. 

Scratching posts are particularly important for indoor cats, who without exercise and motivation to play can become lazy and over-weight. 

Having a cat scratching post will:

  • Keep their claws healthy
  • Stretch, flex and tone a variety of their muscles
  • Help maintain your cat’s ability and strength
  • Cats just love scratching!



Toys can greatly enhance a dog’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. The best type of dog toys are entertaining, engaging, safe, durable and appealing to the individual dog.

Benefits of dog toys

A message from MARS Pet Care:

We are deeply saddened that a cluster of Australian dogs that consumed ADVANCE Dermocare dry dog food have been diagnosed with unexplained megaoesophagus. 

We understand U-Vet at the University of Melbourne is reporting 65 cases of the condition. This suggests that diet may be a significant risk factor in the development of megaoesophagus in this instance, however extensive tests on the product have not found a root cause.  

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