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It’s pet dental month – here’s what you can expect from our pet dental services with the Our Vet team

Why do we dedicate a whole month each year to pet dental health? Pet dental care is crucial to keeping your best friend happy and healthy for a few reasons, so through August, we're offering free pet dental checks in clinic at selected Best Friends Pets locations.


The importance of pet teeth cleaning

Maintaining healthy teeth, gums and mouths for pets is a paramount practice in prevention. The best thing you can do for your cat’s or dog’s oral hygiene is to avoid issues occurring in the first place, as some conditions cannot be reversed.

Preventing dental problems can help reduce your pet's risk of pain, discomfort and certain diseases. We're here to help you help your best pal all year round with expert advice and easy access to the products you need, and now is the time of year you can have a dental check to assess your pet's smile for free.


Three important dental health facts

●        80% of cats and dogs over the age of three will develop a dental issue.

●        Dental problems can lead to periodontitis, a gum disease that can cause infection and, if left untreated, loss of teeth.

●        A check-up twice a year is usually enough to stay on top of any potential problems.


A quick at-home pet teeth cleaning checklist

If you're unsure about any of the following things, you can ask the veterinary team at your free dental check or learn more about it in our articles How to clean your dog's teeth with our top 7 dog dental care products  or Cat dental care – What to know about cat teeth cleaning. Here’s what you can use at home:

●        Made-for-pets toothbrush and toothpaste. Brush your pet's teeth somewhere between twice a week and once a day.

●        Dental treats

●        Dental chews

●        Dental toys

●        Dental food

●        Dental sprays

●        Water additives

All these items help prevent plaque and tartar build-up and help keep breath fresh.


What to expect from Best Friends Pets pet dental services

On the day of your pet's dental check, an Our Vet expert will greet you and your pet and welcome you into the consultation room. Once the dental nurse has ensured your pet feels comfortable, they'll begin the check, which only takes a minute or two. They will:

●        Settle cats and smaller dogs on a table or leave bigger dogs on the ground for the check-up.

●        Inspect the teeth and gums (simply with their expert hands and eyes!) and let you know what they're seeing as they go.

●        The vet or nurse will give your pet a 'dental grade' based on their overall dental health, including the level of any disease.

●        The vet or nurse will take you through a report of your pet's oral health. The report will include any advice or recommendations for what you can do from home, as well as a list of any cat or dog dental care products you could introduce into your routine.

●        The Best Friends Pets team can help you find any necessary products you can purchase at the store before you leave, so you'll be all set for dental care before you're home!


How to get your free dental check this pet dental month

Once you sign up as a VIP member, your pet will be eligible for a free dental check. It's free to become a VIP, and you'll also enjoy exclusive discounts on products and services, plus a $10 welcome voucher. Learn more and sign up here or sign up in-store on the day of your dental check.

You can book your free dental check by contacting your local store or requesting an appointment online here. Simply select ‘Free Dental Check’ in the appointment type field and an Our Vet team member will be in touch to confirm your appointment..

We look forward to meeting you and your Best Friend.