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Thinking of trying a new food for your pet?

At Best Friends, we know that we can find the right food that your pet will love.

Our team will help you transition your pet onto their new diet, and if they don't like it, we'll give you your money back and help you find something they love!

That's right - bring back at least 50% of the bag and your receipt and it's free.  That's our Great Taste Guarantee.

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Preventing Resource Guarding

Some young puppies are prone to guarding behaviour because they have had to compete with their littermates for limited amounts of food. Teaching your puppy to eat when you are around will prevent aggressive food guarding later on in life.

How to prevent food guarding:

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Dogs learn quickly in their first year of life, and what they experience will shape their behaviour through adulthood. Because of this, it's important that you educate yourself to give your puppy the best start possible.

Before bringing the puppy home, check that your home and yard are secure and free of hazards like toxic chemicals, compost, old bones or other small chewable objects.

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Your dog could win a year's worth of dog grooming!

Socialisation For Puppies

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Meet Guide Dogs at selected Best Friends stores!
Thursday 20th October:
Best Friends Cranbourne will be visited by Guide Dogs 
Saturday 22nd October:

Chewing and Teething

Chewing is a way for your puppy to explore his world but is also often a result of teething. Between the ages of 2 and 7 months, your puppy loses his baby teeth and they are replaced with his permanent set of adult teeth. Teething puppies can be a big source of frustration for their owners. 

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Vaccinating and Desexing Your Puppy


Puppies are vulnerable to illness as their immune system develops, so vaccination is a must. The recommended vaccination schedule for puppies starts at 6-8 weeks of age. There are then one or two booster vaccinations in subsequent weeks.

The vets at Best Friends recommend annual booster vaccinations to provide the best protection throughout the life of your dog.

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Join us for our famous Puppy Pre-School Reunion and Dog Party!

We're celebrating all of our clever graduates with lots of fun in store, plus games, giveaways and great offers which will be revealed soon!  Bring your Puppy Pre-School graduate, your dog, your friends and their pooches to join in the party!

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Socialisation For Puppies

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