Our tips for taking your dog with you on holidays

Puppy Dog

Going away these holidays?  Why not take your dog with you!  Here are some great tips before you go:

  1.  Pack food and water containers for your dog 
  2.  Wash your dog and treat him for ticks, fleas, flies and other parasites.  Request an appointment for grooming here.
  3.  Use an approved dog seat belt to ensure your dog is securely but comfortably restrained (come in and speak to Best Friends for advice)
  4.  Make sure your dog's vaccinations are up to date.  Request an appointment at Our Vet here.  Learn about the importance of vaccinations on the Our Vet website here
  5.  Ensure he has been to the toilet before you go (don't forget your poo bags!)
  6. Ensure he has only has a light meal 3 hours before getting in the car
  7. Check your mobile phone number is on your dog’s collar in case he wanders off while away (this is also why micro-chipping is so important, and keeping your details up to date!)
  8. Remember that domestic animals are banned from national parks, nature reserves and Aboriginal areas and state recreation areas, so double-check that dogs are allowed at your destination (some forests allow dogs for day visits and overnight camping).
  9. Bring some of your dog's toys and bedding with you so that he has something familiar with him while he you are all away.

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