Life After Lockdown

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Caring for your best friend as life goes back to normal

We bet your dog is loving having you home 24/7 whereas your cat might be wondering why you have been in their house all this time.

As we return to normal life, we have to help our pets adjust back to being left alone. We have some tips for you and products to support your best friend through this transition. 

Dog Care Tips

  • Times apart every day
    Leave your house for a few minutes several times a day and start to extend this gradually to longer periods. Your dog will soon trust that you will return home.
  • Quality Toys
    Good quality toys are a great way to entertain your dog when you're not home and helps keep them emotionally and physically healthy. A chew toy or treat dispenser (such as a KONG) can help your dog settle when you leave the house. Encourage your dog to play with their toys and rotate them regularly to keep things interesting. 
  • Leave and Return Home without a Fuss
    If you make a big fuss when you leave and return home, your dog will think it’s a big event and get worked up. Dog’s feed off our emotions, so it’s important to remain calm and make it a non-event.
  • Quiet Time
    Dogs require a lot more rest than us, particularly puppies and senior dogs. Before lockdown, our dogs were enjoying much more sleep than they are now. It’s important to allow them to continue to have quiet time and get the rest they need during the day. If this is difficult, try putting them in another room for some peace and quiet.
  • Consistent Routine
    Like us, dogs can benefit with a steady routine which can help reduce anxiety. Household routines have no doubt changed since lockdown however there are still things you can keep consistent for your best friend. Continue to feed and walk your dog at similar times, allow them to rest and leave them alone for periods during the day. These are things that will help them adapt back into normal life. 


We recommend for your dog…

Dog Toys & Accessories

KONG Interactive Toys – entertain, stimulate, and distract your dog with our huge KONG range.

Nina Ottoson Puzzles – the perfect boredom buster that exercises your dog’s mind and beneficial for their overall health.

Outward Hound Puzzle Feeders – make dinner time fun and entertaining for your dog. The slow feeders have fantastic health benefits!

Tether Tug Interactive Toys - designed to keep dogs healthy, happy, and entertained, indoors, and out.

Heartbeat Sheep – a soft cuddle toy which helps calm your puppy.

Snooza Calming Beds – a cosy bed built for your dog to feel safe and secure

Dog Doors – when you’re not home, allow your dog to continue coming inside and outside as they like.  

Yours Droolly Playmate Cuddlies – the perfect plush comforter with cute options to choose from.


Dog Treats

Use treats in your dispensing toys and make your best friend work for their reward. We recommend the below:

WAG Liver Treats

Vetalogica Tranquil Treats

Black Dog Training Treats

SavourLife Training Treats

Love Em’ Liver Treats

KONG Treats


Dog Healthcare

Adaptil – available in a variety of products and can help your dog to feel calm and relaxed.

PAW Complete Calm – includes a blend of key ingredients to support your dog’s general health and nervous system.

Zen Dog Calming Compression Shirt – a jacket which applies gentle pressure providing comfort for anxious dogs.


Cat Care Tips

  • Extra private areas (& up high)
    Creating private spaces around your home is important for your cat, particularly during this time of constant change to their routine. It makes them feel safe and secure. We recommend setting up a few areas around your home including up high, cupboards with extra beds and a good quality cat scratcher. 
  • Quiet Time
    Before lockdown, cats were enjoying much less disruption. Our feline friends have strong senses and changes to their environments can sometimes become overwhelming for them. 
    Ensure you aren't constantly handling and picking up your cat as this can add to their stress when it's not their choice. It’s important to allow your cat to continue to have quiet time and get the privacy they need during the day.
  • Consistent routine
    Like some of us, cats are creatures of habits and thrive off routine, which can help reduce anxiety. Household routines have no doubt changed since lockdown however there are still things you can keep consistent for your best friend. Continue to feed your cat at similar times, let them come to you when they want a play or cuddle and leave them for periods of time during the day. 
    Anxiety in cats can produce other medical conditions so if you are concerned for your cat, see your local vet. 


We recommend for your cat…

Cat Toys & Accessories

KONG Interactive Toys & Catnip – quality toys and catnip which promote play and natural instinct.

Catit Interactive Toys – interactive toys that will keep your cat entertained

Lulu’s World Scratchers – amazing range of quality cat scratchers in all types of sizes. Perfect for play, hiding and allowing your cat to sit up high (which they love).

Cat Treats

Treats are good for your cat on occasions and can have benefits such as promoting dental health.  

Vetalogica Cat Tranquil Treats – chewable tablets with a special formula to assist with anxiety

Greenies – your cat will love these and supports dental health

Kit Cat

Cat Healthcare

Feliway - available in a variety of products and can help your cat to feel calm and relaxed.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Stress Range – speak to your local vet to find out if your cat can benefit from a special diet.