Great Taste Guarantee

Our Palatability Guarantee

Our premium food suppliers pride themselves on the quality and palatability of their products. We are so confident in our supplier’s offerings that we will offer a 100% money-back Palatability Guarantee*.


For us to appropriately manage these claims the below points must be adhered to:

  • The product requested for refund must be 75% full. If the product has less than 75% of the food remaining, then the money-back guarantee is no longer valid
  • The product returned must still be within the date. Expired stock will not be accepted.
  • Customers must provide the original sales receipt
  • All products purchased will be refunded at the price purchased including those purchased during the promotion
  • Team Members must be provided with an explanation as to why the product is being returned.
  • The customer’s Name, Member Number, and Contact Details must be obtained.
  • When all of the above points have been actioned, a full refund of the product purchased will be provided.

  *Available on Meals for Mutts 2.5kg only. Excludes Meals for Mutts 20kg and 9kg bag sizes, and excludes Ziwi Peak 4g bags only.