Smart Price Guarantee


We don’t want a little thing like price to come between us. Shop for pet supplies with confidence, knowing that you are receiving the lowest price and getting the high quality Best Friends Pets service you expect with our Smart Price Guarantee.

1. Record

Take a screenshot, send us a website link or take a clipping from a catalogue or similar as evidence of the lower priced item. Remember it must be identical to the item available at Best Friends Pets.

2. Contact

Call, email or visit your local Best Friends Pets store to show us your record of the cheaper priced item. We'll work with you directly to review the item based on our Price Match Policy.

3. Match 

Once approved, we'll process your purchase at the matched price to make you and your best friend happy!


Shopping In-Store?

If you happen to find the same product in Australia for less, let us know and we will match it.

Shopping Online?

Best Friends Pets Online will match any Australian competitor's price providing Best Friends Pets Terms and Conditions are adhered to. If you make the effort to bring this to our attention we will offer that same price on any identical stocked item (same brand, model, colour and quality) and offer you the same Best Friends Pets service.


Terms and Conditions


  • Best Friends Pets reserves the right to refuse a smart price request if price falls below cost. Smart Price's are at our sole discretion.
  • For a Smart Price to take place the customer must be a member of our Best Friends Pets Rewards program.
  • A publicly advertised price must be produced by the customer to the Best Friends Pets team.
  • The products must be an identical product that is in stock in the quantity requested and available for sale by both the competitor and Best Friends Pets at the time of quoting (i.e. no backorders or rainchecks).
  • We will only Smart Price match in a localised geographical area up to 15 km from the store or at that Store Manager’s discretion
  • The product must be new and identical: including brand, model, year of manufacture and colour. Identical is defined by: same brand, model, year of manufacture, colour, size, flavour, variety and quality.
  • Smart Price requests will not be considered retrospectively after an order has been placed or purchase completed with Best Friends Pets.
  • The Smart Price request must include all associated costs, including GST & taxes, delivery, freight, fees and charges.
  • The Smart Price request product must include any bonus offers or accessories offered by Best Friends Pets.
  • Excludes any cash back offers and reproductions (e.g. photocopies, print outs etc.) from the matching retailer
  • Best Friends Pets will not smart price against Marketplaces, independent sellers, or any websites that do not sell directly to the general public.
  • Our Customer Experience team will aim to get to your smart price request within 24 hours. However, in busy periods the response time may be slightly delayed.
  • Smart Price's do not automatically apply to future transactions.
  • Smart Price's do not apply to the Auto-Ship service.