Greenies create pet treats with natural ingredients plus added vitamins minerals and nutrients. Each pet treat is easily digestible, fun to chew and good for dental health. Spoil your pet with a pet treat from Greenies.

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  1. GREENIES Cat Treats Oven Roasted Chicken 130g
    Regular Price $21.98
  2. GREENIES Cat Treats Catnip Tub 277g
    Regular Price $37.98
  3. GREENIES Cat Treat Oven Roasted Chicken Tub 277g
    Regular Price $37.98
  4. GREENIES Cat Treat Oven Roasted Chicken 60g
    Regular Price $11.98
  5. GREENIES Cat Treat Savory Salmon 60g
    Regular Price $11.98
  6. GREENIES Cat Treat Catnip 60g
    Regular Price $11.98
  7. GREENIES Cat Treat Tempting Tuna 60g
    Regular Price $11.98