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Complete Care Annual Pet Wellness Plan

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Complete Care is an annual pet wellness plan to keep your best friend healthy.

With Complete Care, regular visits to the Our Vet team are made easy. You can book consultations as many times as you like across the year, with any question big or small.

Your pet will also benefit from full twice yearly examinations, regular vaccinations, tests and dental treatment, providing you the best care combination for your dog’s health and wellbeing.

For a total annual fee of $460 (available with monthly installments), your pet will receive a complete range of benefits including:

  • Unlimited consultations at Our Vet
  • Selected vaccinations
  • 20% off premium food, including Prescription Diets
  • 20% off all parasite protection products
  • 20% off storewide every day at Best Friends
  • 20% off all services at Best Friends Grooming Salon
  • Free Puppy Pre-School at Best Friends for puppies
  • 10% off other vet services, such as desexing

Want to learn more?

View our frequently asked questions here.
Download the Complete Care brochure for dog here and puppies here.
Download the Complete Care brochure for cats here and kittens here.  
Download the Our Vet Complete Care Terms & Conditions here.

For more information on Complete Care for your pet, speak to your local Our Vet team.


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