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What is matting on dogs?

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Information on Matting.

Matting is when the undercoat has clumped together. This can happen for numerous reasons, repeated scratching, biting or lack of brushing and grooming to name a few. Matted hair may be sparse and may only affect common areas like behind the ears or at the base of the tail, however in some cases it may cover larger areas of the dog.

Matted hair lies next to the skin and begins to soak up moisture. The matted hair becomes tighter and starts to web out similar to a spider’s web. The air can no longer reach the skin once matting is formed and the skin will become irritated and may cause lesions that will be invisible. Open sores may start to develop and emit unpleasant odours.

What to do for a matted dog

Once the hair is matted there are fewer choices to a solution. If the matting is somewhat loose and not close to the skin, it may be possible to brush through and remove. This process is usually painful and stressful for most dogs. The kindest way to remove matting is to shave the dog down, whether the matting is sparse or covers the dog.  No one knows what lies below the thick dense mats. The skin could be infected, irritated, sore, paper thin or have skin tags/moles underneath. For this reason groomers will always take the upmost care when removing matting. Additional charges occur for matted dogs due to the time taken to ensure the matting is removed in the safest way for the pet.

How to prevent matts on your dog

  • If your dog is prone to matting, daily brushing by family members will reduce the risk.
  • Although you love a longer clip, the maintenance at home may be difficult with your lifestyle.
  • Opt for a shorter or manageable style.
  • Book your pet in for regular grooming appointments to prevent a matted coat and for healthy
  • skin and coat care.