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Skin & Coat Care

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Skin & Coat Care

In between regular bathing and grooming at the Best Friends salon, maintaining your Skin & Coat care regime at home is important for all dogs.

Simply bring your dog in store, visit the health and wellness centre, and talk to a team member or groomer who can help you select the right grooming tool, treatments and products to keep your dog's skin & coat in the best condition.

In our Skin & Coat Care zone, you will find a range of shampoos, conditioners, brushes, combs, tools and more to give your pet the at-home spa experience. Browse products from well-known brands like Ivory Coat, Melanie Newman Salon Essentials, Petlife, FuzzYard, Smiley Dog and more.

Our whole team is here to help you keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy between grooms.

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Did you know?

  • We have grooming products for sensitive skin, whether it's yours or your dog’s, so that you can keep them clean and fresh without worrying about irritating skin
  • We have a range of colognes in store with testers for you to try on your dog, another great reason to bring them into Best Friends
  • If you love your dog's look after a visit to our Grooming Salon, you can use the same professional products at home.
  • Our groomers use Melanie Newman Salon Essentials in all of our salons and you can maintain your dog at home with the same selection of products.
  • Giving your pet a groom on a regular basis means your dog will think it is simply part of their routine.
  • Lots of positive reinforcement and a little treat at the end is another great way to encourage your dog to enjoy being regularly groomed.
  • VIP members save 10% off full grooms Monday to Friday
  • Complete Care members save 20% off grooming every day

Tips for maintaining your dog’s skin and coat at home between grooms:

  • Always remove matts and tangles before bathing
  • Make sure you're using a quality product that's good for their skin (and yours)
  • Get to know your pet's coat type and the changes that happen in different seasons

Your groomer and the team in store can help you find the right tools and products for your dog. Our pet experts and professional groomers are here to share their advice and ensure you are getting the best result between grooms.

A professional groom can really make a difference. To see for yourself check out the latest photos from our salons here.