What is puppy obedience training?

Few things are more exciting than welcoming a new pup into your home. Snuggly, funny and playful, your bundle of barks and mischief can soon turn into a source of frustration if left to their own devices. Dogs live in their worlds, not ours, so it’s up to you to show your pupper how to play nice with human expectations - like not eating your shoes! Most dog experts are with us when we recommend introducing puppy obedience training kindly and early, making the most of these formative months!  

Defining puppy obedience training

In a nutshell, puppy obedience training combines positive socialisation, play and structured training techniques to teach your puppy how to fit in with the world around them. Teaching a young pup new tricks isn’t always as easy as it’s made out to be, which is why many people tend to enlist the help of a trained professional by enrolling their new pooch in puppy school first for a gentle introduction into the world of sit, stay and roll over!

The benefits of puppy obedience school

Although puppy training is particularly important for young pups, the education doesn’t stop once they’ve graduated from puppy school. As we all know, dogs are a lifelong commitment and their social habits can make or break their reputation at the dog park, kennel or even your friend’s house. 

Good obedience training is holistic, combining a number of different steps and programs designed to encourage a harmonious relationship between pupper and parent while teaching them valuable life skills.                                                                                           

When to introduce puppy obedience training                 

Once your puppy graduates from puppy school, they should continue their puppy training at a more advanced puppy obedience training program. Obedience training often takes place in an outdoor environment where older pups can experience real-world sights, sounds, smells, and everything else that comes with being in the great outdoors. 

Puppy obedience training is ideal for older puppies that have longer attention spans and are already familiar with basic commands. Obedience school is more about the connection between the pet parent and their pooch and less about socialisation with other dogs. Although we don’t offer obedience training at Best Friends Pets, the team at your local store is more than happy to point you in the direction of a trainer or dog behaviourist that can help your pooch on their doggy development journey. 


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