Pet Adoption Centre

Think Adoption First™

At Best Friends, we passionately believe there is a home for every pet. That's why we don't sell dogs or cats at our stores. Instead, we've teamed up local shelters and rescue groups to save unwanted, stray and lost animals. 

Pet adoption means you not only get a loving and loyal companion, you also become part of a growing movement of pet-lovers who are working towards making adoption the first choice for all Australians.

Rescue pets are friendly, healthy animals who want nothing more than to find a happy home. If you think you may have room for a new best friend, feel free to come into store and have a chat to the team. Our experts in animal care can help you figure out what type of dog or cat will match your lifestyle; once you've found your new pet, we can help you get set up with everything you need.

At Best Friends, we're proud to support local shelters and rescue organisations to rehome abandoned pets.  If you would like your shelter, or know a shelter that should be included on this page, please contact us

Looking for a dog or puppy?

Find your local adoption center below or sign up to our VIP Pet Care Club to know when the next adoption day is being held at Best Friends Pets


Lost Dogs' Home
Australian Animal Rescue
Maneki Neko Cat Rescue
Purrs of Point Cook
Magic Paws
Second Chance Animal Rescue



Lost Dogs' Home
Animal Rescue Queensland
Furry Friends Animal Rescue QLD
Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge
The Not Forgotten Ones
Wild Cats Queensland



Australian Animal Rescue
Wally's Dog Rescue
Best Friends Pet Rescue


Looking for a cat or kitten?

Come and visit Our Vet™ at your Best Friends store. We're taking care of some lovely, but abandoned, cats and kittens who could make the perfect addition to your family. 

Make sure a kitten is right for you and learn how to care for a kitten by visiting our Caring For A Kitten guide before chosing adoption

Did you know that we have rehomed over 8,000 cats & kittens through our Adoption Program?

We've been working with shelters and rescue groups to rehome kittens through our Adoption Program since our first store opened in 2008.  Together with the team at OurVet, we care for abandoned kittens until we can find them a new, loving forever home.  The kittens are cared for seven days a week by the Our Vet team, and get to meet pet loving people like you who come to visit our stores every day.  

All cats and kittens adopted through Best Friends are desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.  To learn more about our adoption program or to find out if any kittens are available at your local store, please contact the team at Our Vet.

20% off all feline essentials to get set up. When you adopt a cat or kitten at a Best Friends, you'll get a checklist of the essentials you need and a 20% discount on those essentials, so you can give your new family member a real welcome home.