Welcome to our dog grooming salon!

COVID-19 Update:

To our NSW customers (excl. Tweed Heads) - while our stores will remain open, our grooming salons will be temporarily closed during this time. For any existing bookings, a member of the team will reach out in the next 4 to 5 days to re-schedule. Learn more here.

Our dog groomers specialise in pampering pooches of all shapes and sizes

Every pooch needs a regular groom, cut and dry, ensuring their luscious coats and tough toe-nails stay healthy and easy to handle. Skip the shake and spray caper at home, and pamper your pet at one of our air-conditioned, state-of-the-art dog grooming salons.

At Best Friends Pets, our trained stylists greet your dog with lots of pats and a big smile, discussing treatment specifics with you before leading your canine into a comfortable and well-equipped dog grooming room. Your dog groomer is dedicated to creating a safe, friendly and supportive environment for all dogs, from anxious oldies to loud and proud puppies. Make grooming a regular ritual for both you and your furry friend - simply drop your pup, have a coffee and pick them up, clean, clipped and 100% happy. 

Looking for something special? Explore our pet grooming services and packages

Every dog is different. Some like a little off the top, others lap up a massage while a few require special styles, cuts and a little extra TLC when it comes to getting their claws clipped. Before steering your pooch into grooming room, we will sit down with you and understand your dog’s specific needs, going over your options so both dog and owner leave eager to return - washing and drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning problem areas, breed specific haircuts and more, Best Friends Pets delivers a one-stop dog grooming service! 

Our dog grooming salon packages


Nothing says cute and ready to conquer than a Pomeraian lion cut. Tailor your style choices to suit your best friend's coat with this breed specific package. 

Your dog groomer will: 

  • Clip all hygiene areas 
  • Trim between paw pads 
  • Trim your dog's nails
  • Bathe your best friend in warm water
  • Give them a salon quality shampoo
  • Clean their ears
  • Blow-dry and brush out their coat

...and conclude your dog's spa experience with a clip to your desired style and length! 



Your dog deserves the best! Our ultimate full dog groom will have their tail wagging, as your dog groomer pampers your pup with: 

  • Hygiene area clip
  • Paw pad trim
  • Nail trim 
  • A warm water bath and a luxurious shampoo
  • An ear clean 
  • A blow dry and light brush, followed by a full body clip to your chosen length and style

… and ending with a face and tail trim to meet your personalised brief!




Is your dog between grooms on their current schedule? Put a spring in their step with this booster pamper package. Your dog groomer will: 

  • Clip all hygiene areas 
  • Trim in-between paw pads 
  • Trim your dog's nails
  • Bathe your best buddy in warm water
  • Care for their coat with salon quality shampoo
  • Clean their ears
  • Blow-dry and brush out their clean and cuddly hair

... and bring it home by tackling problem areas like the face, feet and eyes, while leaving their body coat to gain a little bit more length.




Get the best of both worlds with our double coat combo. Ideal for double-coated breeds or dogs with thick hair.

Your dog groomer will: 

  • Spend time brushing out the loose, dead coat
  • Treat your dog to a warm water bath and a quality shampoo 
  • Clean your dog's ears 
  • Trim growing nails
  • Blow-dry and brush out the coat for improved skin and coat quality 
  • Clip all hygiene areas 
  • Trim between paw pads

... and tidy tricky areas like the face, feet and eyes, while leaving their body coat to grow a little longer. 


Before you arrive...

While our dog groomers negotiate serious tangles everyday, an unruly coat is uncomfortable for your pet. We recommend pre-brushing your dog’s coat first, ensuring you can get a comb through the whorls and knots. Extensively matted hair will need to be removed and not styled, for the comfort and wellbeing of the dog. 

We offer puppy grooming for your pint sized pal

We love the roly-poly, playful nature of puppies. It’s true, that they lack the attention spans and training of their more experienced friends, but our trained dog stylists make short work of checking their teeth, paws, nails and ears.

Your puppy groomer will get your little bundle of fur used to the idea of grooming, ensuring every visit to Our Salon is positive and full of pats (maybe the occasional treat). Puppies are safe to attend Our Salon a week after their second vaccination. 

Anxious dogs are welcome at Best Friends Pets

We know anxious dogs navigate a range of triggers, from developed responses to behaviours developing with age, so we’ll work with you to ensure your nervous Nelly gradually gains more confidence in our grooming environment. Sometimes, this may mean you take control at home, normalising brushing and close contact over time before exposing them in short bursts to the salon. When they’re ready to enjoy a scrub in the tub, we’ll modify our dog groom approach to avoid these triggering behaviours.      

We can’t wait to meet your and your dog. From pee-wee puppies to older canines who have trouble climbing in and out of the tub out home, our experienced team is here to pamper your paw pal from the tip of their tail to the folds of their ears. Make an appointment today!