Dog wash without the DIY

Keeping our pets clean can be messy, stressful and wet. Very, very wet. Instead of hooking your pup’s lead to a DIY dog wash station and scrubbing their coat clean as their paws slip and scrabble around the basin, hand off the hard work to Best Friends Pets. Our dog groomers ensure your best buddy looks forward to their dog wash and grooming appointment, while you’re free to leave for a little while, run errands, grab a coffee and do anything but grapple with a stubborn shampoo bottle as the station timer counts down. 

When was the last time your pooch enjoyed their dog bath?

Our dog wash packages



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What happens during a dog or puppy wash?

We know a professional dog bath can seem like a lot if you’ve never trusted somebody else to take care of your dog’s needs. At Best Friend’s Pets, we treat your furry family with consideration and respect, showering their heads with pats and kind words as experienced hands make short work of thick coats, long fur and matted dreadlocks. While no two dogs are the same, most dog wash appointments follow a tried and tested plan: 

  1. We’ll sit down with you and uncover any concerns you may have about their coat, skin sensitivities or anxieties before agreeing on a wash type to suit your dog’s needs. 
  2. The groomer will then take your dog through to a fully equipped wash station, complete with tubs for even the largest dogs. We’ll then prep your dog’s coat, removing any matting and dead hair before a droplet of water leaves the faucet. 
  3. Our team then treats your pooch to a shampoo and conditioner duo perfectly matched to their skin and coat type, massaging tired legs and backs while the product does its work. 
  4.  After washing away any remaining shampoo, your dog will enjoy a towel dry or blow-dry, depending on the package you’ve selected.

Dog wash Q&A

How long does a professional dog wash take?

A professional dog bath can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours to complete, so chat to your dog groom before your dog lead leaves your hands. 

Why doesn’t Best Friends Pets offer a dog hydrobath option? 

Hydro dog wash is a popular service in the DIY and grooming world, and while we know they have their place, we believe in treating your best buddy to a true spa experience.

Why pay for a dog wash when you can hose them down at home?

There’s more to showering your pup than soaking their topcoat and smothering the ends in soapy suds. We understand time is often of the essence, especially on weekends when you’d often treat your canine companion to their monthly bath, but there’s a huge difference between the equipment you buy in the shops and the gear we carry in our salon. If conditioners and large tubs with specialised hoses and nozzles don’t sway you, here are few more reasons why your dog deserves a professional dog bath over a backyard spray and shake. 

How often should you wash your dog? 

We'd love to deliver a simple answer, but it really depends on your dog. If you need a quick rule of thumb, most happy and well-groomed dogs need a bath every couple of weeks or whenever their coat develops that stinky doggy smell that creeps up your nose. Puppies can begin enjoying bath time from 10 weeks old, once a month, to give them plenty of time to get used to bathing while allowing natural oils to do their work. Long answer? It really depends on your dog. A few questions to consider: 


  1. Does your dog live inside or outside...maybe a bit of both? Outdoor dogs need more baths than their indoor cousins, but you share 
  2. Do you take them to the beach, on hikes or into nature, exposing their fur to elements not found in the average backyard?
  3. What kind of fur are they carrying around? Is it water resistant? Oily? Thick or curly? 
  4. Does your dog suffer from skin sensitivities and environmental allergies? 

Is your dog due for a deep clean? Get them into the tub with Best Friends Pets.