Stress-free dog nail clipping

It's dog nail clipping time! Your dog's paws look more like bear paws, as long nails scratch up the floorboards, carpets and random body parts, threatening to make play a little more painful for the people involved. And while we all like to avoid unexpected ouches, dog nail trimming is more about dog wellbeing and less about scratch-safety! Neat and tidy nails prevent tears and sudden breaks, while guarding against ingrown nails, soreness and walking issues. 


But your dog hates it and even if they don’t hate it, they barely tolerate it before running away. Like people, canines don't care if something is good for them, and the clack of the clippers is still scary! So, how can you make it easier on everybody, short of going back in time and introducing dog nail clipping earlier? Let somebody else do it.  Our dog nail clipping service grooms are trained to work with anxious dogs, channeling years of experience into giving your pet the pedicure they deserve and the trim their nails need without sending their stress levels into overdrive. 


We specialise in clean-cut, stress-free dog nail clipping


What happens during a dog nail clipping appointment?

Nail clipping can be nerve wracking for dogs and owners alike, so we’ve made things easy to ensure your dog leaves with a wagging tail and plenty of pep. At Best Friend’s Pets, your dog is a member of our extended family, spoiled with pats, encouragement and a lot of love and patience as excess nail disappears in short, decisive snips. Most dog nail clipping appointments follow a tried and tested plan: 

  1. We’ll sit down with you and uncover any concerns you may have, ensuring your anxieties and the nerves of your pet are addressed and comforted before proceeding. 
  2. The groomer will then take your dog through to a fully equipped nail clipping station, introducing them to the dog nail clipper and any other tools they may use. Our grooms always clean and check their equipment before starting a new dog. 
  3. We begin clipping along the back, careful not to pull any stray hairs, consistently rewarding your dog with plenty of praise and gentle pats… owner approved treats may be involved too!
  4. Our team will finish on the front paws, assuring your best buddy of they’re bravery and showering them with plenty of hugs before they rest in our holding area until you return.

Dog nail clipping Q&A

Why do domesticated dogs need their nails trimmed or cut?

Pet dogs don't have the same opportunities as wandering wolves to wear down their nails. Fido spends the day dozing between energetic bursts of play, assured of his next meal and completely comfortable in life, while wolves and dingos are always on the move, hunting and letting natural wear and tear shape their nails. 

Does Best Friend’s Pets offer puppy nail clipping, or should you wait until your dog is older? 

Yes, and don’t wait! Starting early leads to improved habits later on, ensuring your resident furball doesn’t shy away from nail clippers the moment they rustle out of their hiding place. 

How long is too long? Don’t put it off. Book a dog nail clipping appointment today and leave the hard parts to us!