Book your best buddy in for dog haircut

Our stylists specialise in dog haircuts: Smooth coat, long coat and everything in-between

Leave toe cuts, wild eyebrows and thick coats in safe hands and treat your cute canine to a professional dog haircut at Best Friends Pets. Our state-of-the-art grooming centres are air-conditioned, welcoming and operated by highly trained dog stylists, ensuring your pooches salon experience is comfortable from the moment they set a paw in the door. 

We all want our pets to look good, but it’s important that they feel great too. Before settling on a new ‘do for your dog, your groom will go through a few questions about your best buddy, their needs and how you approach coat maintenance. A dog stylist will then take your canine companion through to a fully equipped grooming room for a detailed skin and coat assessment, ensuring there are no issues or sensitivities that need attention prior to pampering your pet with a warm bath and salon quality shampoo. 

How we approach dog haircuts

We understand. Paying for a dog hair cut when you can DIY at home seems a bit excessive, but there’s more to our process than snipping and trimming your canine’s coat. While not every styling session follows precisely the same schedule, here is a general idea of what your dog can expect when they come in for a fresh cut at Best Friends Pets.  

*Time variations account for the differences in size, dog and coat type. 

*Dogs needs to be rested between steps for a positive and productive experience. 


Step 1: Coat preparation - 10 minutes to 1 hour*
Our stylists remove matted and dead hair from your dog’s coat using skin stimulating brushes and styling tools. This can take anywhere between 10 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your dog, their size and their coat type. 

10-20 minute rest


Step 2: Wash and Dry - 30 minutes to 90 minutes*
Once we’ve detected your pet’s skin type, we’ll select the appropriate shampoo and conditioner from our trove of professional products, ensuring any skin sensitivities aren’t triggered by this relaxing experience. We’ll then double shampoo your dog, follow it up with a single conditioner, brush, rinse and dry using a high velocity dryer while brushing the coat for a clean and straight finish. 

10-20 minute rest


Step 3: Coat Styling  - 30 minutes to 90 minutes*

Our experienced stylists use a combination of scissors, stripping tools, clippers and coat product to deliver the coat your dog’s been wishing for and you, as the owner, will love.

Get rid of dead, loose dog hair without the hard work