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Santa Paws at Best Friends 2019

Santa Paws is coming to Best Friends!  
Many of us have had a photo with Santa or a Christmas photo when we were young, it's a tradition that's treasured and sent to friends and family members during the holiday season.  But Christmas photos aren't just for humans - they're for our pets too!  Let your pet join in the fun and have their photo taken with Santa or have a Christmas themed photo shoot at your local Best Friends store!  It's not just for dogs, you can bring in your snake, lizard, cat, bird, any pet you like!    

Please note - more stores are participating in Christmas pet photography! Keep up to date with new session times on this page.



24th November 10-12pm
30th November 10am-12pm
6th December 5pm-7pm
7th December 2pm-4pm
11th December 5:30pm - 7:30pm 
12th December 5pm-7pm
13th December 5pm-7pm
15th December 2pm-4pm
18trh December 2pm-4pm
22nd December--digital images only 2pm4pm

Saturday 7th December 11am - 3pm
Sunday 8th December 11am - 3pm
Saturday 14th December 11am - 3pm
Sunday 15th December 11am - 3pm
Saturday 21st December 11am - 2pm
Sunday 22nd December 11am - 2pm

Sunday 17th November 3pm – 5pm
Saturday 30th November 9am – 11am
Sunday 1st November 3pm – 5pm
Saturday 7th December 9am – 11am
Sunday 15th December 3pm – 5pm
Saturday 21st December 9am – 11am

Sunday 1st December 2pm-4pm
Sunday 8th December 2pm-4pm
Sunday 15th December 2pm-4pm

Sunday 8th December

from late Nov into Dec.

Saturday 7th December – Christmas themed photos
Sunday 8th December – Christmas themed photos

Friday 6th December 5pm-8pm – Christmas themed photos
Saturday 8th December 10am-3pm – Christmas themed photos


South Morang
Sun 24th 2pm-4pm
Sat 30th 10am-12pm 

Sun 1st 2pm-4pm 
Sat 7th 2pm-4pm
Sun 8th 10am-12pm
Sat 14th 2pm-4pm
Sat 21st 10am-12pm (Digital Images Only)

TBC – Call the store



Browns Plains
Saturday 7th Dec 10am - 2pm
Sunday 8th Dec 10am - 2pm

Saturday 7th December 10am - 1pm
Saturday 14th December 10am - 1pm
Saturday 21st December 10am - 1pm

Saturday 14th Dec 10am - 2pm
Sunday 15th Dec 10am - 2pm

Prices from $25, packs from $55, digital $25ea
Phone Rachel Regan photography on 0429 535205

Thursday 5th December 5pm-8pm
Sunday 8th December 1pm-4pm
Thursday 12th December 5pm-8pm
Saturday 14th December 9am-1pm




You can see some examples of Santa Paws pet photography on Facebook here!

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