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Our Puppy School is a fun and interactive five-week course that Best Friends Pets offers in-store.

In a safe, structured environment, where we teach puppies vital skills and offer socialisation during their critical period of 8 – 15 weeks of age. We educate you on how to develop a harmonious relationship with your puppy along with valuable life skills, positive socialisation and how to set your puppy up for success.


There’s no denying that house training a puppy can be a delicate process.

Instilling lifelong habits in your pup requires patience, consistency and positive reinforcement, but potty-training puppies to go outside (or on designated fake grass mats for apartments) can be messy without a little help. Save yourself the cost of carpet cleaning and endless washing with our guide to puppy training - your pooch will be toilet trained in no time.


Feeling confident and comfortable with a wide range of people, pets and places is one of the most important lessons a young pup can learn.

By socialising them to a wide variety of people, places and situations, you can help them feel comfortable, meaning they’re less likely to act aggressively and lash out when scared. Whether you’re introducing a puppy to a cat or introducing a puppy to other dogs, we have the information you need to help socialise your dog.


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