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Scuttle in to your nearest Best Friends for the biggest range of reptiles and reptile supplies you've ever seen!

Whether you're just starting out keeping reptiles as pets, or looking to add a new member to the family, you'll find what you're looking for among our extensive range of snakes, bearded dragons and other lizards. We also sell scorpions, frogs and hermit crabs.

Our expert staff love all kinds of animals - just like you they can see the beauty in creatures that slither, crawl, shed and hop, and they can give you great advice on selecting a reptile to fit your lifestyle.

Your reptile will need the right environment to live in, so we'll help you create a beautiful and natural habitat for them. As well as terrariums, we stock a range of heating and lighting solutions and other accessories.

We also have everything you need to keep your unique friends well-fed, including live crickets, canned and frozen food. You’ll never pay more than you need to, because as a Best Friends customer, you’ll get access to regular discounts and special offers – check out your local store catalogue for all the latest deals.

At Best Friends, we care about the health of reptiles. The reptiles we keep in store are Our Vet™ Assured, which means their health is constantly monitored. To ensure you can keep your reptile friend healthy when you get them home, we offer a range of medications and an on-site Our Vet™ full service veterinary clinic.

Come and visit your local Best Friends store today! We're Australia's one-stop shop for reptiles and their human companions, and we're open 7 days.

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