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When you add a new puppy to the family, you need a few things to help them settle in. To begin with, your puppy will need things to eat, chew, fetch, wear, play with, sleep on and live in. The friendly staff at Best Friends will be on hand to give you expert help selecting products to fit your puppy's shape, size (including future size!) and personality.

Because every puppy is different, we stock a huge range of puppy accessories, healthcare products and food (including grocery and premium brands, prescription diets and special treats). And as a Best Friends VIP member, you’ll get access to regular discounts and special offers – check out your local store catalogue for all the latest deals and our everyday low prices.

As well as a vast selection of products, we have all the services you need for a new puppy, including in-store puppy pre-school, grooming salon and veterinary services.

Puppy Pre-School will give your puppy the best start by teaching them basic obedience, helping them play well with others and reducing unwanted puppy behaviours.  Our 5 week course will ensure your puppy becomes a good canine citizen and a part of your everyday life.

Best Friends professional dog groomers will primp and pamper your puppy in our state-of-the-art, air-conditioned salons. At Our Vet full service vet clinics, you’ll find a complete range of veterinary services available 7 days a week, including vaccinations, microchipping, desexing, and regular checkups.

Best Friends stores are puppy-friendly too. Vaccination and leashed puppies are welcome, so feel free to bring your best friend along to your local store and our team can tailor a solution especially for his or her needs. If your puppy has not completed their vaccinations you can still bring them in, you’ll just need to carry them securely in a your arms or a carrier.

Complete Care annual pet wellness program
An Our Vet Complete Care membership means your puppy is covered from head to tail. Not only does your pup receive our 5 week Puppy Pre-School program for free, they will also receive 20% off storewide at Best Friends every single day of their membership. Pair that with great beenfits at Our Vet, such as:

  • Free unlimited vet consultations
  • Free vaccinations
  • Free annual dental care
  • Free body exam twice a year
  • 10% off all other vet services, including desexing

Learn more about Complete Care here or call the Our Vet team at your local store.

Want to know more about caring for your puppy?
Download our free puppy care guide. You can also find lots of articles in our blog to help keep your puppy healthy now and in the future.

Considering getting a puppy? Think Adoption First™
At Best Friends, we sell everything a dog needs, but we don’t sell puppies. Instead, in partnership with The Lost Dogs’ Home and other shelters, we encourage dog-lovers to consider adoption as their first option.  If you would like to give a dog their forever home, Think Adoption First™ and view our list of local shelters.

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