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Dive in to your nearest Best Friends for the biggest range of fish and fish supplies you've ever seen!  Whether you're starting out keeping fish as pets, or looking to add something new to your aquarium, you'll find what you're looking for at Best Friends.

We have a huge range of cold water and tropical fish to choose from, all covered by a 14-day guarantee – have a look at our Facebook fish gallery to get an idea of what you might find. When you come in store, our friendly staff will be on hand with expert advice on selecting fish that live well together.

Your fishy friends will need somewhere to live, so we'll help you choose the right aquarium and create a beautiful living space with our extensive selection of accessories. We have everything you need to maintain a healthy environment for your fish; filters, test kits, water conditioners, and solutions for aeration, heating and lighting.  

Decorate your aquarium from our range of ornaments, gravel and backgrounds. Keep your fish healthy and well fed with our large selection of fish food (including frozen food) as well as health care and medication. As a Best Friends VIP member, you’ll get access to regular discounts and special offers – check out your local store catalogue for all the latest deals.

Because we care about the health of fish, we offer free water testing. What’s more, our livestock is packed with fresh oxygen and our in-store fish are Our Vet™ Assured, which means their health is constantly monitored.

Come visit your local Best Friends store today for everything you need to give your fish friend the best possible care!

Want to know more about caring for your fish?
You can learn how to set up a fish tank in our Pet Care blog.

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