Discover your pet care career with Our VetDiscover your pet care career with Our Vet

Our Story

We stand united in our vision for a happy, healthy life for pets, their families and our teams.

Our vision to change the landscape of pet care came to life in 2007 with the opening of our inaugural Best Friends Pets Store in Geelong. For the first time in Australia, pet owners could access a comprehensive range of pet care products, premium professional services, and personalised information in pet health and preventative care, all under one roof! We became a local hero in Geelong and our success has continued to grow. Today we have over 30 Best Friends Pets located across Australia.

Over the years we have continued be at the forefront of pioneering programs and services that support our mission to create a “happy & healthy” life for pets, pet parents, our people, communities in which we thrive and our business partners. Our Vet is the cornerstone of every Best Friends superstore. We are proud to be a boutique family of general practices that deliver thorough & comprehensive pet care. Our commitment to the health and wellness of both our Vet teams and our pets, as well as those we adopt, is testament to a business-wide philosophy of healthy and happy Vets creates happy and healthy pets. We achieve this through a fulfilling work / life balance to ensure our Vets can provide the highest level of expertise and customer service on a daily basis. 


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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of “happy & healthy” guides everything we do, from the decisions we make, initiatives we introduce, practices we keep and partnerships we embrace. If it doesn’t serve the welfare of the pet, then it doesn’t serve us. Caring for pets is not what we do, it is who we are and what we all stand united in our mission to deliver every day.

Our Leadership Team

Dr Nick Emerton

Managing Director

Our Vet

Dr Nick Emerton graduated from Veterinary Science at Melbourne Uni in 1990. Inspiration from the exploits of Yorkshire vet James Herriot is to blame for this.

31 years later, Nick has never been more passionate about the difference an amazing vet team can make to patients and their families. This is the philosophy upon which Our Vet was founded and Nick is determined to champion this commitment into the future.

Nick joined Our Vet as a Regional Support Manager in 2014. He is now proudly the Managing Director and head of all things veterinary at Our Vet and Best Friends. Prior to that, he invested 15 years in successful practice ownership.

And earlier still, he was like every other vet in their early career... looking for ways to be a better vet with better skills and deliver quintessential patient care.

Dr Emma Christie

General Manager

Our Vet Network Development

Dr Emma Christie graduated from Glasgow University with a Veterinary Degree in 2001. Not long after, she left the UK and moved to Australia. Emma arrived in NSW and worked across a number of general practices of varying sizes. It didn’t take long for her to conclude that every day in vet-world is different.

Hoping to apply and develop the skills she had acquired over a number of years, Emma accepted a Lead Vet role with Our Vet Melton in 2011. She took the helm of a brand-new clinic, with limited staff and clients, and built a thriving practice that set the standard for other aspiring Leaders within Our Vet and the collective veterinary industry.

In 2021, Emma became General Manager of Our Vet Network Development. She continues to support her region in addition to coordinating vet and nurse student placement. She is proud to be an ambassador for our philosophy and values.

Dr Warren Doidge

Regional Manager

Our Vet Qld Region

Dr Warren Doidge completed his veterinary degree at the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 2008. After moving to Australia, Warren spent 7 years in General Practice in Adelaide before moving to Queensland which he now calls home.

Warren’s passion for animals became evident from a young age, bringing home sick and injured wildlife to nurture back to health. Once he was old enough, Warren volunteered to help at a variety of welfare organizations and found himself spending time at a local veterinary clinic. It was here that his fascination for animal medicine and surgery was born and Warren discovered his purpose.

Warren joined Our Vet as Regional Manager in 2021. He is excited to apply his expertise from general practice along with strong, intentional leadership to effectively support, develop and grow Our Vet Teams in Queensland. Helping each to deliver patient and client care excellence in their local community is his professional reward.

Our Career Pathways

Graduate Vet

I love being a Vet Nurse because because I get to play a proactive role in preventative medicine and the pleasure of puppy and kitten cuddles.

- Dane, Our Vet Erina

Our Career Pathways

Graduate Vet

I love being a vet nurse because I adore working with my vet family and know I contribute to caring for happy, healthy pets.

- Jordyn, Our Vet Kawana

Our Career Pathways

Graduate Vet

“I love being a Vet nurse because I have so much passion and love for giving all animals the best life possible and I believe all animal’s welfare is as important as their owners.

- Elisha, Our Vet Geelong

Our Career Pathways

Graduate Vet

“In my role I face many challenges however, the rewards of being able to assist animals both big and small outweigh these.

- Sue, Our Vet Erina.

Our Career Pathways

Graduate Vet

I love being a Vet Nurse because not only has it been rewarding to nurse our patients, it has taught me lots of valuable life skills.

- Helen, Our Vet Springvale

Our Career Pathways

Graduate Vet

“I love helping people help their pets, especially being the one there to care for them when their pawrents can't be.

- Emily, Our Vet Virginia 

Our Vet Nurses

“ The welfare of animals has always been an important part of who I am and what I value, so it was inevitable to me that a career in vet nursing was my destiny. ”

Sian - Vet Nurse.

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Our Placement Programs

We appreciate the importance of gaining hands on experience prior to entering the profession. 

In the interest of providing students with an interactive learning experience like no other, we have designed programs that offer students a holistic insight into all areas of our unique business. You will get to handle animals in different environments, interact with pets and their families and have experienced pet professionals share their knowledge and rare tips.

By the end of your placement with us you will have gained practical experience, insights and knowledge that will support the remainder of your career. You will have also been introduced to an entire network of pet and vet professionals across our business from retail, grooming and Our Vet clinics.

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