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Pet Adoption Centre

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Think Adoption First™

At Best Friends, we passionately believe there is a home for every pet. That's why we don't sell dogs or cats at our stores. Instead, we've teamed up local shelters and rescue groups to save unwanted, stray and lost animals. 

Pet adoption means you not only get a loving and loyal companion, you also become part of a growing movement of pet-lovers who are working towards making adoption the first choice for all Australians.

Rescue pets are friendly, healthy animals who want nothing more than to find a happy home. If you think you may have room for a new best friend, feel free to come into store and have a chat to the team. Our experts in animal care can help you figure out what type of dog or cat will match your lifestyle; once you've found your new pet, we can help you get set up with everything you need.

Looking for a dog or puppy? Find your local adoption centre here: Local Shelter

Looking for a cat or kitten? Come and visit Our Vet™ at your Best Friends store. We're taking care of some lovely, but abandoned, cats and kittens who could make the perfect addition to your family.

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