ROYAL CANIN® Sensitivities

No one knows your pet quite like you do. Your close bond means you notice the smallest changes in their behaviour and appearance before anyone else ever would. It's these tiny details that gives you a unique insight into your pet's health and what could indicate a potential health sensitivity.


1 in 3 dogs has a sensitivity

dog sensitivitiesdog sensitivities
NexGard SpectraNexGard Spectra

The science of nutrition - The ROYAL CANIN® Canine Care Range has been developed by leading pet health professionals including veterinarians, pet nutritionists and breeders. It uses the highest quality, most nutrient rich ingredients to help some of the most common canine sensitivities. Whether that's omega fatty acids from fish and vegetable oils to aid coat health or prebiotic gut flora to help digestive health, each formula has been specifically* proven to deliver fast effective results.


Supporting cats with common sensitivities

NexGard SpectraNexGard Spectra

Skin and coat concerns, and stomach and intestinal upsets are among the top reasons owners take their cat to the veterinarian. Dental tartar affects 85% of cats 3 years and older and 1 in 3 cats is overweight or obese. The Feline Care Nutrition products has been created by vets, pet nutritionists and breeders using the highest quality ingredients to help support your cat back to health.

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My dog loves this food! She certainly approves of it and so do her pawrents! Her digestive issues have cleared up and her bowels are working well. It's definitely worth a try if your furriend has any digestive issues. We will definitely be purchasing this product moving forward.


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