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Health now and always

Puppy and kittenhood is a stage of significant physical and behavioural change. Nutrition tailored to their specific developmental needs can help them grow from fragile young puppies and kittens to strong, healthy dogs and cats.


An magnificent transformation

NexGard SpectraNexGard Spectra

Kitten Range

During the first 12 months of your kittens life they will go through an amazing transformation. The ROYAL CANIN® Kitten diet offers nutrition tailored to their unique needs at this vital time in their life.


An amazing transformation

NexGard SpectraNexGard Spectra

Puppy Range

Puppyhood is a hugely rewarding time, but it's also a time of learning curves and rapid growth for your new family member. Give your puppy the best start to life with a precisely tailored diet to help them develop into the best adult they can be.