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Choosing the right Puppy Food

Feeding your puppy a premium food will ensure they get all the right levels of energy, protein, calcium, phosphorous, omega oils, vitamins and minerals to help build strong muscles and bones while also supporting their growth phase.

Black Hawk® was developed by a passionate Australian breeder who was committed to providing the best quality nutrition for her dogs.

Embraced by breeders, Black Hawk’s legacy has built a loyal community renowned for a keen awareness of their animals’ health and wellbeing. They could see shinier coats and happier, healthier dogs. The movement grew organically and soon the Black Hawk story was being passed from owner to owner.

Which puppy food is right for your puppy?

At full growth, is your puppy expected to be under 25kg?

Black Hawk® Original Puppy Small Breed

  • Complete nutrition for optimal development
  • Help support cognitive development
  • Kibble size to suit small mouths

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Black Hawk® Original Puppy Medium Breed

  • Complete nutrition for optimal development
  • Help support muscle development
  • Kibble size to suit large mouths

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At full growth, is your puppy expected to be over 25kg?

Black Hawk® Original Puppy Large Breed

  • Complete nutrition for optimal development
  • Help support bone and joint development
  • Kibble size to suit large mouths

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Puppy FAQs

  • What diet do you recommend for puppies?

    We recommend feeding a complete and balanced food that is designed for growing puppies. A premium puppy food such as the Black Hawk® Puppy Formulas will contain the right levels of energy, protein, calcium, phosphorous, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to help build strong bodies and aid learning.

  • How do you wean puppies onto solid food?

    The transition from mother’s milk to solid food is a significant developmental step for your pup. Black Hawk's® ultra-digestible recipe eases this process, however we do recommend that with any food transition, pet parents make this a gradual process. Soaking kibble in warm water for 30 mins prior to feeding may aid pups who are struggling with the transition to solid foods, or for those who have difficulties in picking up kibble at a young age.

  • How do I change my puppy onto a new food?

    When your puppy is ready to be moved onto an adult food, it is important to transition them over gradually as dogs can be sensitive to changes in their diet. Gradually increase the ratio of new food to previous food starting with ¼ new food and ¾ previous food on the first day, and gradually increase the pevrcentage of new food over 1 week. After the transition week you can stop feeding the previous food all together.

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  • Should I feed my puppy table scraps?

    We do not recommend feeding your dog human food. Dogs have different nutritional needs to people and the wrong foods can upset their stomachs and lead to nutritional imbalances. Some human foods such as chocolate, onions, grapes and garlic are dangerous for dogs. Stick to feeding your dog a balanced diet that is specially designed for them.

  • What treats should I feed my puppy?

    Although there are a range of treats on the market, it is always best to choose the healthy option. Select a treat that lists real meat as the main ingredient and uses human grade, natural ingredients. Always follow the handy feeding guide on the pack. Excessive treating may lead to health issues such as kidney problems, obesity, nutrient excesses/ deficiencies, frustration and confusion of the puppy.

  • Is it safe to take my puppy travelling with me?

    It’s important that the car is a positive place, so start with short car trips to get them used to being on the move. The most important part of travelling with your pet is safety, so make sure they are set up with a quality safety harness or a travel crate with some comfy bedding to keep them safe and secure.

  • How should I clean up toileting accidents?

    Most puppies have the occasional toileting accident. Start by soaking up urine with paper towel and picking up any faeces with a doggie bag. The job is not done yet, even though you can’t see any evidence, your puppy will still be able to smell where they have been and may think that this is a good spot to go again. Use the Yours Droolly® No More Marking spray neutralises the smells in the area, making them less likely to return to the scene of the crime.

  • How do I stop my puppy excessively barking?

    Just like us, our dogs like to say their piece. However, if you think your puppy is vocalising excessively, consider these tips:

    a.) Make sure puppy has had plenty of exercise and mental stimulation and is not simply barking out of boredom.

    b.) Keep pup occupied while you are not there by leaving them with toys and even put the TV or radio on for some background noise.

    c.) Teach them a word or signal for 'quiet' and reward them for obeying rather than punishing them when they bark. Punishment will only make them feel less secure and may make them bark more

  • How do I prevent my puppy from inappropriate chewing?

    There are many reasons your pup may chew on inappropriate things. The most common by far is the fact that they are teething. Puppies need to work their gums to help their adult teeth come through and ease teething discomfort. The key is to get them chewing on specially designed durable chew toys rather than your favourite shoes or furniture. Provide them with a variety of chew toys and include their toys in the games you play so that they learn what toys are all about. Make sure you rotate the toys regularly, because just like children, puppies get bored quickly.


"In just shy of two weeks the results in Chilli’s coat, colour and muscle tone was outstanding on Black Hawk® Grain Free Puppy Ocean Fish."


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