Pellets are a great way to add extra nutrition and texture to your rabbits diet, along side their unlimited amount of hay. Pellets are a great source of additional fibre and nutrients, they also provide an additional texture to help with their every growing teeth.

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  1. Burgess Excel Dandelion And Marigold Timothy Herbage Feeding Hay - 1kg
  2. Burgess Excel Parsley Pieces Small Animal Treats - 80g
  3. Burgess Rabbit Nuggets Mature with Cranberry and Ginseng Rabbit Food - 2kg
  4. Burgess Rabbit Nuggets with Mint For Junior and Dwarf Breeds Rabbit Food 2kg
  5. Burgess Rabbit Nuggets with Mint Rabbit Food - 2kg
  6. Burgess Rabbit Nuggets with Oregano Rabbit Food - 2kg
  7. Peters Brunch Small Animal Treat - 450g
  8. Peters Brunch Small Animal Treat - 90g
  9. Peters Carrot Chips Small Animal Treats - 200g
  10. Peters Fruity Crunch Bar Small Animal Treat - Each