Give your pet the gift of a good night's sleep with Snooza. The soothing cuddlers help anxious pets while the calming beds are comfortable places to relax and rest after a busy day of play.

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  1. SNOOZA Cat Plant Based Cat Nip Play Spray 250ml
    Regular Price $26.93
  2. SNOOZA Cat Plant Based Stop Scratch Spray 250ml
    Regular Price $24.93
  3. SNOOZA Cat Plant Based Litter Tray Cleaner 500ml
    Regular Price $29.93
  4. SNOOZA Cat Plant Based Urine Remover 500ml
    Regular Price $32.93
  5. SNOOZA Cat Calming Cuddler Mink S
    Regular Price $119.00
  6. SNOOZA Cat Calming Cuddler Silver Fox S
    Regular Price $119.00
  7. SNOOZA Washable Pee Pad Dark Grey L 2pk
    Regular Price $59.93
  8. SNOOZA Washable Pee Pad Dark Grey S 2pk
    Regular Price $39.93
  9. SNOOZA Dog Plant Based Pee Here Spray 250ml
    Regular Price $28.61
  10. SNOOZA Dog Plant Based Extra Sour Stop Chew 250ml
    Regular Price $26.93
  11. SNOOZA Dog Plant Based Stop Pee Spray 250ml
    Regular Price $28.61
  12. SNOOZA Plant Based Bed& Fabric Refresh Spray 250ml
    Regular Price $28.61