Houndztooth products are made by Aussie animal lovers. They are Australian-made and owned, caring about your pet's health and wellbeing, they ensure that their products are manufactured from Australian ingredients using local Australian manufacturers. Browse from their tasty treats and supplements today!

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  1. HOUNDZTOOTH Raw Boost Meal Topper Calming 60g
    Regular Price $20.59
  2. HOUNDZTOOTH Raw Boost Topper Joint & Mobility 60g
    Regular Price $20.59
  3. HOUNDZTOOTH Raw Boost Meal Topper Digestive 60g
    Regular Price $20.59
  4. HOUNDZTOOTH Raw Boost Meal Topper Skin & Coat 60g
    Regular Price $20.59
  5. HOUNDZTOOTH Raw Boost Meal Topper Puppy Health 60g
    Regular Price $20.59
  6. HOUNDZTOOTH Training Treat Beef 50g
    Regular Price $20.59
  7. HOUNDZTOOTH Training Treat Ocean Trout 50g
    Regular Price $20.59
  8. HOUNDZTOOTH Training Treat Lamb 50g
    Regular Price $20.59
  9. HOUNDZTOOTH Training Treat Chicken 50g
    Regular Price $20.59
  10. HOUNDZTOOTH Hemp & Manuka Honey Paw & Skin Balm50g
    Regular Price $19.43
  11. HOUNDZTOOTH Puppy Probiotic 200g
    Regular Price $30.29
  12. HOUNDZTOOTH Hemp Mobility Aid 200g
    Regular Price $35.35