EzyDog's active dog gear supports the rugged outdoor lifestyle dogs love. The Original Shock Absorbing Leash and many other top quality dog harnesses and leashes help both owners and pets enjoy the great outdoors. 

Need tips on how to fit a harness? Check out our How to fit a harness Blog & Video Here

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  1. ED Click Zero Shock Car Restraint Black
    Regular Price $29.95
  2. ED Collar Double Up Blue L
    Regular Price $40.97
  3. ED Collar Double Up Purple L
    Regular Price $40.97
  4. ED Collar Double Up Purple M
    Regular Price $36.97
  5. ED Collar Double Up Purple XL
    Regular Price $44.97
  6. Ed Collar Oxford L Black
    Regular Price $54.93
  7. Ed Collar Oxford L Brown
    Regular Price $54.93
  8. Ed Collar Oxford M Black
    Regular Price $44.96
  9. Ed Collar Oxford M Brown
    Regular Price $44.96
  10. Ed Collar Oxford S Black
    Regular Price $39.98
  11. Ed Collar Oxford S Brown
    Regular Price $39.98
  12. Ed Collar Oxford Xl Black
    Regular Price $60.97