Australian Pet Treats

Australian Pet Treat Company offer a wide range of delicious, and health-boosting treats for your pet dog or cat to enjoy for training, dental health or as dietary supplements. Or just because you love them!

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  1. APT Beef Tendon
    Regular Price $9.96
  2. APT Beef Jerky 1kg
    Regular Price $89.89
  3. APT Beef Liver Stick
    Regular Price $4.47
  4. Evolution Rice & Potato With Calcium A Treat With Purpose Dental Health Dog Treats
    Regular Price $1.78 Special Price $1.42
  5. Evolution Naturals Venison Ear Dog Treat 1 Piece
    Regular Price $5.65
  6. Evolution Naturals Single Pig Snout Dog Treat
    Regular Price $2.38
  7. Evolution Naturals Single Chicken Neck Dog Treat
    Regular Price $0.92
  8. Evolution Naturals Shark Cartilage Dog Treats 200G
    Regular Price $26.95
  9. Evolution Naturals Roast Chicken Fillet Dog Treats 150G
    Regular Price $24.85
  10. Evolution Naturals Pig Snout Dog Treats 200G
    Regular Price $20.60
  11. Evolution Naturals Lamb Lung Dog Treats 200G
    Regular Price $24.95
  12. Evolution Naturals Kangaroo Tendons Dog Treats 200G
    Regular Price $32.50