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Bushfire Support

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Our thoughts are with the people, pets and wildlife affected by the devastating bushfires happening across our beautiful country. 

We are working with our supply partners to organise bulk shipments of pet food for affected families and their pets as well as urgent medical supplies for the treatment and care of injured wildlife.

Further to this, to support people and their pets, who have been affected by the bushfires, we are offering the following:

We will continue to work on ways we can help pets and wildlife affected by the bushfires and keep you updated as we go.

If you encounter injured wildlife, please call your local wildlife rescue or closest veterinary clinic. OurVet clinics and Animal Emergency Centres are experienced and equipped to treat injured wildlife at no cost to the rescuer.

The WIRES website has general advice on how you can immediately assist injured wildlife https://www.wires.org.au/wildlife-info/wildlife-factsheets/bushfire-fact....

For further information you can visit the following websites:

WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) www.wires.org.au

Wildlife Queensland www.wildlifeqld.com.au  

Wildlife Victoria www.wildlifevictoria.org.au

ACT Wildlife http://actwildlife.net/

NSW Rural Fire Service https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information

VIC Emergency http://emergency.vic.gov.au/prepare/#understanding-warnings

ACT Emergency Services Agency https://esa.act.gov.au/

QLD Fire and Emergency Service https://www.qfes.qld.gov.au