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Join us for our famous Puppy Pre-School Reunion and Dog Party!

We're celebrating all of our clever graduates with lots of fun in store, plus games, giveaways and great offers which will be revealed soon!  Bring your Puppy Pre-School graduate, your dog, your friends and their pooches to join in the party!

You've never seen a pet store like Best Friends!

At Best Friends, we have everything you need to keep your pets happy and healthy and include them in your every day lives.  

Meet Store General Manager Malcolm and the team, who can't wait to meet local pet parents and their pets! Leashed and vaccinated pets are always welcome at Best Friends, so bring in your dog and let them choose their next treat or toy!

The most well-known, and popular cold water fish variety is the Goldfish.  These fish have been bred for over 1600 years, first in China and then later (starting about 500 years ago) in Japan. Today there are dozens
of different types. Even though they are different colours and have different body, tail and eye shapes, they are all the one species, Carassius auratus.
Maximum size and longevity.
One of the great things about being a bird lover is that there are so many different species to enjoy. However, choosing the right bird for you can be a big decision. For example, some species are easily startled and may not be suitable if you have a noisy family home environment.  On the other hand, if you live in a small apartment, a bird that needs a large cage to fly around in will also not be appropriate.
Specially bred for their looks and temperament for at least one hundred years, pet rats are curious, intelligent creatures that are easily tamed and can make rewarding, inexpensive pets. They have been described as dogs in a smaller package!
Specially bred for their looks and temperament, pet mice are lively little creatures that make rewarding and inexpensive pets. These low maintenance pets are not noisy or demanding and take up very little space. Mice are highly social animals and watching them play amongst themselves is very entertaining.
Guinea pigs are small tailless rodents also known as cavies. Best kept in pairs or small groups, these vocal little creatures make wonderful low maintenance pets that rarely scratch or bite. If you get a friend for your guinea pig, make sure it is of the same sex or at least one of the pair is desexed. Guinea pigs are quite hardy and can be kept indoors or outdoors, but you do need to spend time with them each day so that they remain healthy. Handle your guinea pig often and it will happily sit on your lap for cuddles.
Rabbits are wonderful pets, full of suprises and and personality  If you live in Queensland, unfortunately you cannot keep rabbits as pets.  Rabbits are clean and intelligent animals with a playful and affectionate nature that make wonderful pets. Rabbits are quite hardy and can be kept indoors or outdoors.

Every day unwanted, abandoned and stray cats and kittens arrive at shelters and pounds across Australia. They need a home to call their own and owners that will cherish them.  

The Great Esky Giveaway!
Best Friends and Advance are giving away 4 Esky Ice King 45L Coolers  at every Best Friends store!
The Ice King 45L cooler is an icon in Australia. This hard Esky can keep ice for up to 4 days and features all terrain wheels so it can go with you and your best friends to the beach, park, campsites - anywhere!