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Dogs learn quickly in their first year of life, and what they experience will shape their behaviour through adulthood. Because of this, it's important that you educate yourself to give your puppy the best start possible.

Before bringing the puppy home, check that your home and yard are secure and free of hazards like toxic chemicals, compost, old bones or other small chewable objects.

Every year, pet shelters and rescue groups need extra support to help pets in need.

Thanks to the generosity of our pet loving customers and team members last year, the campaign raised over $30,000 in food, products and Pet eCash vouchers to support shelter pets over the Christmas period in 2015.

This year, it's even easier to support shelter pets! 

Your dog could win a year's worth of dog grooming!

Socialisation For Puppies

Meet Guide Dogs at selected Best Friends stores!
Thursday 20th October:
Best Friends Cranbourne will be visited by Guide Dogs 
Saturday 22nd October:

Chewing and Teething

Chewing is a way for your puppy to explore his world but is also often a result of teething. Between the ages of 2 and 7 months, your puppy loses his baby teeth and they are replaced with his permanent set of adult teeth. Teething puppies can be a big source of frustration for their owners. 

Vaccinating and Desexing Your Puppy


Puppies are vulnerable to illness as their immune system develops, so vaccination is a must. The recommended vaccination schedule for puppies starts at 6-8 weeks of age. There are then one or two booster vaccinations in subsequent weeks.

The vets at Best Friends recommend annual booster vaccinations to provide the best protection throughout the life of your dog.

All dog and cat owners should ensure they are regularly treating their pet for both fleas and worms.


Fleas are the most widespread external parasite found on pets worldwide. Pets can pick up fleas anywhere – in your yard, home, or at the park - at any time of the year, so it is important to regularly treat your pet and its environment.  

You've never seen a pet store like Best Friends!

At Best Friends, we have everything you need to keep your pets happy and healthy and include them in your every day lives.  

Leashed and vaccinated pets are always welcome at Best Friends, so bring in your dog and let them choose their next treat or toy!

We're inviting our pet community to donate their dog's old coat to keep shelter pets cosy.