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Savour Life HealthSource Superfood

SavourLife came about by owner Michael McTeigue wanting to make a difference to rescue dogs. Fast forward a few years, and his mission has become a reality, giving 50% of profits from SavourLife dog treats and new dog food range HealthSource Superfood.

SavourLife treats and food Australian made and natural, but that's only one of the reasons why dog lovers love SavourLife.

On every bag is a special 7 digit code, which is your key to seeing the picture and profile of a real-life rescue dog, just like the ones your purchase is helping.

New at Best Friends: Ziwi Peak natural pet food

New Zealand is a beautiful country, filled with breathtaking landscapes and scenery. It is a nature at its best, so no wonder New Zealand pet food brand Ziwi Peak is full of natural goodness! This food is made only from premium, locally sourced ingredients, and contains no artificial preservatives, ingredients or flavourings.

New at Best Friends: Taste of the Wild

Pet food development has come a long way in the past years, but Taste of The Wild is an American brand that believes in bringing things back to basics. Your domestic cat or dog's DNA comes from wild creatures like lions or wolves, and these animals thrived on diets of high quality proteins, fruits and vegetables. Taste of The Wild cat food and dog food aims to reproduce this ancestral diet, and give your pets the nutrition their bodies were designed for.

New at Best Friends: SavourLife Health Source Superfood

SavourLife is a familiar brand in Best Friends stores, but we are excited to announce their latest product, HealthSource Superfood all natural dog food! Just like SavourLife dog treats, SavourLife dog food is all Australian-made and owned, with only the best local ingredients in every bag.

The  word “walkies” (or whatever the word may be) is one that gets tails instantly wagging. As a pet parent is there anything better than a trip to the dog park on the weekend? It’s almost a ritual with a coffee stop on the way, then catching up with the “regulars” at the park and somehow despite chatting to the owner almost every week, you only know the name of their dog.
Park visits call for a ‘dog park kit’ and Best Friends have all the essentials (and more) in store. See our checklist below – does your kit need an update?

  • Poo bags (don’t get caught out)

Dog apparel tips

Brrr! If you're cold, then your dog may be too!  There's a dog coat for every occasion, be it sitting at a dog-friendly cafe on a chilly morning, going on a hiking adventure or snuggling up on the couch for a night in.

But how do you choose the right coat for your pooch?

Here are our top 5 winter dog coat tips:

Thinking of trying a new food for your pet?

At Best Friends, we know that we can find the right food that your pet will love.

Our team will help you transition your pet onto their new diet, and if they don't like it, we'll give you your money back and help you find something they love!

That's right - bring back at least 50% of the bag and your receipt and it's free.  That's our Great Taste Guarantee.

How to choose the right food for your dog

We've made some changes to our stores to help you make the most informed decision about what to feed your dog.

There are many options to choose from so we’ve made it easy.

Scroll down to see where your pet's favourite brand sits in store.

Super-premium food
Scientifically developed to provide the highest quality nutrition specifically suited to your dog’s individual needs.

Best Friends Moorabbin Now Open!

Best Friends Moorabbin is now open next to the DFO (Kingston Central Plaza, 288 Centre Dandenong Rd).

Preventing Resource Guarding

Some young puppies are prone to guarding behaviour because they have had to compete with their littermates for limited amounts of food. Teaching your puppy to eat when you are around will prevent aggressive food guarding later on in life.

How to prevent food guarding: