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Best Friends Blacktown Now Open

Pets of Blacktown - Best Friends is now open!

Best Friends Blacktown is now open, next to K-mart on Patrick Street, Blacktown!

Purina’s ProPlan is premium food that delivers ‘Nutrition that Performs’. There are roughly 400 scientists, including veterinarians and nutritionists, who work for Purina. They have contributed over 85 years of research to creating more than 30 different formulas, to bring out the best in every dog and cat. 

Australia is a unique place; we live in the driest continent on earth, and most Aussies love being outdoors because of our warm climate. This is also a lifestyle we share with our pets, and as a result, our pets have different needs to animals living in other parts of the world. Advance premium pet food understands this, and that’s why their food is specially formulated for Australian pets. 

Black Hawk cta and dog food

Black Hawk began with one passionate Australian breeder Sherel, and her German Shepard, named Black Hawk.  Sherel began researching the health and nutritional values of all different ingredients in many different dog foods, and through a process of elimination she came up with a list of the best ingredients she could find. And so Black Hawk was created with one philosophy in mind: ‘Every Ingredient Matters.’ 

Royal Canin super premium cat and dog food

Royal Canin is a pet food brand in the Super Premium food category at Best Friends. It is scientifically formulated by teams of professionals, to create a unique food for every unique animal. French Veterinarian Jean Cathary, developed Royal Canin in 1968, with a ‘vision of a pet food company grounded in science’ and that vision still rings true today. 

Eukanuba super premium cat and dog food

Eukanuba ("You-Ka-Noo-Bah") is Super Premium dog food, with a twist. The food is scientifically formulated and produced, but with a holistic view in mind. Because dogs evolved from carnivores, Eukanuba believes their diet should reflect this, so they only use high quality animal products, like chicken or lamb, as the main protein source, not vegetables or grains.

Eukanuba contains many beneficial elements to bring out the best in your dog, such as:

Hill's Science Diet cat and dog food at Best Friends

Hill's Science Diet has been leading the search for the best nutritional formulas for our cats and dogs for almost 80 years. Established in 1939, Hills veterinarians, nutritionists, and food scientists all work together to produce this high quality, scientifically formulated food, so you know you’re giving your best friend a food that will meet all of their needs. 

Savour Life HealthSource Superfood

SavourLife came about by owner Michael McTeigue wanting to make a difference to rescue dogs. Fast forward a few years, and his mission has become a reality, giving 50% of profits from SavourLife dog treats and new dog food range HealthSource Superfood.

SavourLife treats and food Australian made and natural, but that's only one of the reasons why dog lovers love SavourLife.

On every bag is a special 7 digit code, which is your key to seeing the picture and profile of a real-life rescue dog, just like the ones your purchase is helping.

New at Best Friends: Ziwi Peak natural pet food

New Zealand is a beautiful country, filled with breathtaking landscapes and scenery. It is a nature at its best, so no wonder New Zealand pet food brand Ziwi Peak is full of natural goodness! This food is made only from premium, locally sourced ingredients, and contains no artificial preservatives, ingredients or flavourings.

New at Best Friends: Taste of the Wild

Pet food development has come a long way in the past years, but Taste of The Wild is an American brand that believes in bringing things back to basics. Your domestic cat or dog's DNA comes from wild creatures like lions or wolves, and these animals thrived on diets of high quality proteins, fruits and vegetables. Taste of The Wild cat food and dog food aims to reproduce this ancestral diet, and give your pets the nutrition their bodies were designed for.