How to care for your pet's teeth with treats

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- Hi everyone, my name is Laura V. This is Cash, and this is Chester. And I think this is probably the best day of Chester's life right now. 'Cause we are talking about the value of treats, when talking about dental health. Now, when we talk about treats, we often think that treats are actually bad for our dogs.

But there are lots of products on the market that you can get from your Best Friends pet store, that actually help to promote great oral hygiene. Now, one of them is OraVet, and I'm actually going to open the packet in front of you. 

Now, Chester's never had these before, and neither has Cash, but these are really great at promoting dental health. They help to reduce tartar and plaque, they get rid of bad breath, and they've got this amazing scrubbing design. So, actually, kind of, basically brushes your pet's teeth for you. Now, let's see what the verdict is. Are you ready? Do you want to try to brush your teeth? Looks like it's a winner for Chester! And I reckon it's probably going to be a winner for you too, buddy.

All right. So, whilst they're eating these, there are lots of other products that you can get for your beautiful, beloved pet to promote good oral health. There are things like Savour Life, there are products like Billy & Margot, and then there are products like Bell & Bone. 

Now one of Chester's probably favourite oral hygiene dental treats is the Greenies originals. So once he's finished his OraVet, I might see what he thinks of these. I know that usually he absolutely loves these.

So Chester, do you want to try one of these too? This is the best day of your life isn't it? Are you ready? It's important also, that even though you're doing something great for your pet, by promoting great oral hygiene, that you do actually get them to work for their treats. I did give them a free OraVet, but you can actually get your pet to do things for these as well. Go around! Good boy! Sit. Sit. Speak. Give me five. Yes! Leave it. Okay! Good boy! 

So there you have it. There's some great products that you can get from your Best Friends pet store. Amazing range that are great for your pup's brain, and also for their teeth. Now if you are after more of a natural alternative, you can choose things like these, which are deer antlers. And these are great because they're super hardy and sturdy, they're really low in calories, so you don't have to worry too much about that, and they're very high in calcium.

The other great thing about the antler texture, is it helps to scrape off plaque and tartar, which is an added bonus. So things like this are definitely a great alternative as well. As you can see, and Chester will attest to, there is an amazing range of pet treats that help to promote great dental health. And you love all of them don't you buddy. and he wants all of them as well. But remember, that even though they can get rid of bad breath, sometimes it's just masking and underlying problem. And so bad breath can actually be a sign of something a little bit more serious.

Make sure you have a chat with your local, and trusted, veterinarian. There are Our Vet clinics at all your Best Friends pet stores, so have a chat with them if you have any concerns. And, in the meantime, just go and check out your local Best Friends pet store, make your pup happy, and check out the incredible range that they've got.

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