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Your dog could win a year's worth of dog grooming!

Brrr! The cooler months are here and most of us are spending more time indoors cuddled up on the couch.
You’ll feel better about inviting your dog up onto the couch with you if they’re clean, soft & smelling great!
Sophie the Bichon Frise has a grooming care calendar, which includes a Full Groom, followed by two Nice and Tidies over a 6 month period.
In Autumn (March/April/May), Sophie has a Full Groom, which covers:
  • A full body clip
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Did you know that a mat in a dog’s coat can cause awful health problems for your dog?  Mats trap dirt, moisture and bacteria and can be uncomfortable for your dog.  In extreme cases dogs need to be shaven for a fresh start. 
There are lots of ways you can prevent mats in your dog’s coat.  One of the first is to bring your dog into the Best Friends Grooming Salon and discuss the needs of your dog.  Our staff will guide you in purchasing the right products and give you advice on how often to groom your dog at home.

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Cats are naturally very clean animals who clean themselves several times a day. Sometimes, though, they need some extra help.


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As the weather finally warms up and daylight hours increase, your pet will start losing their Winter coat. Shedding hair is a natural process for most dog & cat breeds and occurs throughout the year, but especially in Spring and Summer. 

With a little extra attention to brushing and combing, you can save your house from masses of loose hair around the place and mats building up as your pet’s Winter coat moults.  Plus grooming your cat or dog is a healthy habit as it can be a great time to bond with your pet and check for other wellbeing requirements.

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