How to care for your pet's teeth with food

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 Hi everyone! My name's Laura V. and today I want to talk to you about food and how that can help with your pet's dental hygiene.

Now, the thing about dogs and cats and all our other pets is they can't brush their teeth like we can. So it's really important that we take complete responsibility for our pet's overall dental health, and that we make sure we're doing everything we can for them. 

And one thing that you can absolutely do without any doubt is to visit your vet every six months and get a vet check. Not just for their overall wellbeing and body health, but also for their oral health as well. Now in between your regular six monthly vet catch-ups, it's really important to think about what you're actually feeding your pet.

And there are so many different options that you can look at in terms of great food for dental health and make sure that it's a really balanced, healthy diet for your pet as well. Now, Hill's have got a great range in particular with regards to their dental care. 

And if you have a look at the kibble with Hill's Science Diet, it actually is textured and shaped to act a little bit like a toothbrush for your pet, which is amazing. And it also helps to get rid of things like plaque and tartar, which can lead to a range of things, including bad breath. And no one wants that with their pet.

If you find that your vet says, "Hey, you might need a little bit more of "a therapeutic approach when it comes "to your pet's dental care," then they can arrange a prescription so that you can get some of the Hill's Prescription Diet to make sure that you are doing the absolute best for your pet in general, and also for their oral health too.

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