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The most well-known, and popular cold water fish variety is the Goldfish.  These fish have been bred for over 1600 years, first in China and then later (starting about 500 years ago) in Japan. Today there are dozens
of different types. Even though they are different colours and have different body, tail and eye shapes, they are all the one species, Carassius auratus.
Maximum size and longevity.
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Siamese Bettas are often the first fish that many people keep, as they are hardy, colourful and striking. 

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Rummynose Tetra originate from tropical and sub-tropical regions of South America typically from Rainforest rivers and streams.  It is important to keep these fish in an aquarium that is close to their natural habitat.  Tetra enjoy swimming around hiding behind live plants, stones and aquarium treated wood in an aquarium.   
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Electric Yellows are part of the Cichlids that are native to the area between Charo and Mbowe Island in Lake Malawi, which is located in the East African Rift Valley.
These beautiful fish can grow up to 15cm long in an aquarium and will live for several years.
Water Quality
Electric Yellows prefer hard, alkaline water.
·  Temperature 23 to 28 °C
·  pH 7.0 to 7.5
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Assorted Male Siamese Betta:

These spectacular fish are part of a family of fish which can actually breathe air from the surface of water!  In nature, this helps them to survive in small, often stagnant pools of water.

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Fish make wonderful pets, and a beautiful addition to any home.  They are quiet, won’t dig up or mess your garden, and much easier to care for than you might think!  

Try following our 6 steps to success, and you will enjoy many years of happy aquarium keeping.

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