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Fireworks And Your Best Friend

Fireworks and pets

Loud noises such as thunderstorms and fireworks can be traumatic for pets. While fireworks may seem far away from our own backyards, our pets, with their heigthened sense of hearing, may still be nervous about unexpected noise.  

Annually, fireworks being set off on New Year’s Eve have a devastating effects on the pets we love, with shelters like The Lost Dogs’ Home being left to pick up the pieces.  Some Top Tips from the home include:

  • Identify your pet and keep your details updated.
  • Stay calm as your pet will take cues from you.
  • Provide a safe and calming environment.
  • Stay with your pet or organise someone you trust to.
  • Keep an eye out for weather warnings and fireworks schedules.

Illegal backyard fireworks set off by amateurs can be partocilarly unpredictable and dangerous for pets (as well as people!). If you are aware of illegal fireworks in your neighbourhood, you can alert the police on 000.

When pets escape backyards in a panic to get away from fireworks, lives can be lost if they make it out onto busy roads and streets.  If you are worried that your pet may become anxious without you this New Year’s Eve, try to leave your pet indoors where it will be less noisy and your pet will feel safe and secure.    A traumatic event such as large thunderstorm or a seasonal firework display can cause your pet’s fear response to quickly develop into a phobia, and once a dog has a noise-related phobia it’s extremely difficult to treat.  It is important that you do not punish this type of behaviour, even if you can’t see any obvious reason for it.  Rewarding and praising your pet for calm behaviour is a good way to reinforce and train your pet to relax.

For help to deal with anxiety and phobias, speak with the Best Friends team in store or make an appointment with Our Vet™ .

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