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Product recall information - Advance dermocare

A message from MARS Pet Care:

We are deeply saddened that a cluster of Australian dogs that consumed ADVANCE Dermocare dry dog food have been diagnosed with unexplained megaoesophagus. 

We understand U-Vet at the University of Melbourne is reporting 65 cases of the condition. This suggests that diet may be a significant risk factor in the development of megaoesophagus in this instance, however extensive tests on the product have not found a root cause.  

Testing continues at pace to support the investigation by U-Vet at the University of Melbourne, and with advice from the Australian Veterinary Association and external veterinary experts. 

Despite no root cause being identified, Mars Petcare has commenced the process of contacting pet owners to provide support, including offering to reimburse vet bills. While the direct cause has not been found, it’s hoped that this support will help those pet owners whose dogs are living with megaoesophagus, and provide some relief to those who have lost their dogs to the illness

The recall Mars Petcare initiated voluntarily on 24th March 2018 remains in place. Pet owners who have purchased ADVANCE Dermocare dry dog food in 3kg, 8kg and 15kg bags should return the product to the store they purchased it from for a full refund. No other ADVANCE products or varieties are affected by the recall.

We understand Australian pet owners, veterinarians and the community want to understand what has happened as quickly as possible, as do we. Concerned pet owners should contact their veterinarian, or Mars Petcare Australia Consumer Care team on 1800 640 111.

Up to date information can be found on the ADVANCE website:

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