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Bringing home a new puppy

Dogs learn quickly in their first year of life, and what they experience will shape their behaviour through adulthood. Because of this, it's important that you educate yourself to give your puppy the best start possible.

Before bringing the puppy home, check that your home and yard are secure and free of hazards like toxic chemicals, compost, old bones or other small chewable objects.

A change of environment can be stressful for your puppy, so provide a “den” (a small, comfortable and secure area) while it settles into its new household. When you first get home, put your puppy straight into its den to let it calm down.

If your puppy is to sleep outside, it will need a roomy, draught-proof kennel with warm bedding that’s easily washed. Put the kennel in a sheltered spot not too far from the back door, as dogs love to be part of the action.

New puppy checklist:


•    Premium puppy food
•    Food bowl
•    Water bowl
•    Collar
•    ID tag
•    Lead
•    Vaccinations & vet (microchipping, desexing, health check)
•    Flea treatments
•    Worming treatments (intestinal & heartworm)
•    Treats – especially for positive training
•    Toys – to save your furniture, play, dental
•    Bedding
•    Registration (see local council requirements)

Other Considerations

•    Travelling
•    Carrier/car restraint
•    Pooper scooper & poo bags


•    Brush/comb
•    Puppy shampoo, conditioner
•    Nail clippers
•    Book grooming appointment

At home

•    Dog door
•    Crate
•    Kennel
•    Food storage container & scoop


•    Book Puppy Pre-School
•    House training pads
•    Stain/odour remover

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