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A happy cat is a scratching cat!

Cat scratching post from Best Friends

Scratching posts and scratching furniture will keep to your feline friend healthy and strong. 

Scratching posts are particularly important for indoor cats, who without exercise and motivation to play can become lazy and over-weight. 

Having a cat scratching post will:

  • Keep their claws healthy
  • Stretch, flex and tone a variety of their muscles
  • Help maintain your cat’s ability and strength
  • Cats just love scratching!

TIP:  You can make your scratching post more interesting for your cat by placing a treat on the very top for them to sniff out and find!
In nature, cats love to scratch a variety of surfaces on different angles.  You can mimic nature by having different shaped posts available to your cat in different rooms.  Vertical posts help to build and maintain muscles in the back, shoulders and legs.  Allowing your cat to scratch on a post is good for their mental health as well; vertical scratch marks tell other cats that this is their territory.

For indoor cats, providing them with a variety of textures and structures can reduce boredom and some of their less-desirable feline behaviours.  A multi-cat household can greatly benefit from having multiple scratching posts, which will provide each cat with their own territory and potentially reduce negative interaction between kitties.

If your cat doesn't appreciate the gift of a scratcher after the first few days, try placing it in a different spot.  Your cat may prefer to have it in a more quiet space, or in the heart of the household.     

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